LIYSF at TEDx Youth Manchester 2017
12 Nov, 2017 by Richard Myhill

LIYSF Participants shares their experience at TEDx Youth Manchester 2017

Four Fallibroome Academy Students had the opportunity to attend LIYSF 2017. As students from the school, they brought their experience and thoughts from LIYSF and were able to showcase this at [email protected] Manchester 2017.

LIYSF gives young scientists the chance to immerse themselves in the heart of London for two weeks, with the option to travel to some of the top laboratories and Universities in England, and meet several scientists and researchers who are working to develop new ideas and attitudes in science, technology, engineering and maths. This opportunity aims to inspire young people and open up new doors of research opportunities available to them. Furthermore, not only does the experience allow participants to be heavily involved in LIYSF, but it also opens several doors after LIYSF, for students to speak out about the importance of Making Life Better in terms of Science for young people! This often is successful when participants return home or back to school to spread the importance, inspiration and excitement of studying science to the next generation.

TEDx Youth Manchester

As LIYSF ambassadors, Finn, Ed, Harry and Joe had the opportunity to showcase their experience to the audience at [email protected] Manchester. They spoke about how they were honoured to have met many fantastic scientists from all over the world and hear from research undertaken by like-minded students with a passion for science.

The Fallibroome Academy participants spoke about their interest in Mark McCaughrean’s lecture during the Forum and how ESA’s exploration into space is one that is vast, yet extremely fascinating and constantly ongoing. From ESA successfully landing the Huygens probe on the surface of Saturn’s moon Titan in 2005, to the possibility of creating and maintaining human life in Space, the boys championed McCaughrean’s lecture at LIYSF as the prospect of space exploration inspired them and got them thinking about the future and capabilities of what how space exploration can evolve so quickly in the near future.LIYSF TedX

[email protected] Manchester focused on the theme, ‘Future Positive’, which linked seamlessly with LIYSF’s underlying theme for 2017 of ‘Science: Making Life Better’. The platform given to the Fallibroome boys at [email protected] Manchester, allowed them to discuss the importance of Making Life Better and how each of their individual experiences at LIYSF gave them an opportunity to cherish great memories as well as meeting and learning from like-minded, inquisitive and inspirational young scientists from around the world! 

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