During LIYSF there are four specialist lecture mornings, where students have the option to choose from a wide range of topics and are able to tailor their programme to suit their STEM interests. On each day there are eight sessions to choose from, with leading researchers speaking across a range of topics.

Specialist lectures give participants the chance to benefit from a session that is much closer to the particular scientist, as the sessions are smaller than principal lectures, typically around 50-60 participants.

These smaller focused sessions are invaluable and allow for a wider range of questions and interaction. These specialist lectures are led by top scientists and researchers who are at the forefront of research, often doing the work themselves.

We have also introduced an Alumni specialist lecture day, where all speakers are former LIYSF participants who have gone on to be researchers, scientists and engineers.


During the programme we have one full day that is dedicated to our underlying theme each year. There are eight topics to choose from (ranging across STEM) – chosen during registration process by student. On the day, students meet for a plenary session and introduced to all speakers. Students then work for the remainder of the day with their chosen researcher/scientist, who will start the session by speaking about their work/research.


It is then up to each group (around 50 students) to put together a short presentation to be given by them to the rest of the plenary students about the topic, to highlight the research, challenges and ideas for the future. Students are encouraged to think creatively in expressing relevant information to the student body. Do see our videos on the right hand side of this page about our specialist lectures and specialist study days at LIYSF.


Debate is a vital part of the scientific world. Many problems are hugely complex and must be considered in social, economical and political context. Being able to express and challenge opinion will be vital in your scientific career, so hone your skills during LIYSF – we are very interested in your opinion and knowledge! During LIYSF there are two formal debate opportunities; We have the student debate evening and the Participants’ Forum.

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