Nurul’s Story

It has been a great experience for me attending the 60th London International Youth Science Forum as one of participants representing my beloved country, Malaysia at the Imperial College London from 25th July to 8th August 2018. It was my pleasure to meet many intelligent and sharp international colleagues from more than 70 countries, experienced veterans of attorneys, legal experts from all around the world, specialists in various legal disciplines and practitioners from different cultures as well as amazing researchers. In my opinion this forum was a very well organised and impactful. I fully enjoyed the two-week event with so many interesting seminars and discussions on various topics which related to the theme for this year forum which was ‘Science for the Future”.

Several of the sessions, delivered by LIYSF alumni who came back as a speaker which I found that it was insightful and makes me enthusiast to come back and serve as a speaker on the stage. I would like to take this chance to reflect upon my enriching experiences in London and summarise in what ways this Forum helps me to adopt an international perspective on how to benefit from exchanging ideas and opinions, sharing of expertise and socialising with international counterparts.

Over the two weeks, I attended incredible lectures from some of the world’s leading science and visited some of the most exclusive and prestigious research labs and industries in the United Kingdom. From Oxford to Cambridge, to Royal Institution,Airbus and Rolls Royce, and from Cancer Treatment Centre and Wetland Conservation Departments, to Space, Zoology and Biochemistry Laboratories and to name a few as well as Pharmaceutical Companies. These exclusive visits gave me a deep insight into the broad, challenging, and exciting life of a scientist which extends far beyond the research lab.

Many people asked me why I really want to attend this event although I had other commitments at the same time. Not to mention all the fundraising that needed to be done to be able to make such a trip possible. It seemed too hard after a few of the application getting fund been rejected, too much effort, not enough time or money. It seemed impossible and in fact almost gave up getting the money in a short span of time. Now, I can say confidently however that the lessons, friends, knowledge and skill that I got from LIYSF far outweighs any of the obstacles that needed to be overcome in getting there. LIYSF was and still is, the greatest experience that I got in my life although I had attending a lot of events and I’m sure it’ll be one of that hard to beat in years to come.

LIYSF was an amazing experience and I highly recommend it to everyone to join it and experience by themselves as privilege as I was attending London International Youth Science Forum 2018. It gave a big impact to me not only for the passion that I got but for my entire life. I really look forward to come back and inspire others.

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