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Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal

LIYSF is honoured to have Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal as our Royal Patron (2020 to present). HRH The Duke of Edinburgh is the founding patron of LIYSF (1959 – 1969). The Princess Royal is the second child and only daughter of Her Majesty The Queen and His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh. The Princess Royal carries out many engagements and duties of behalf of HM The King.

What is a Patron? Members of the UK Royal Family endorse a limited number of organisations, which they do by being a Patron. Having Royal Patronage means that HRH The Princess Royal supports LIYSF. Read more information about Royal Patronage.

Her Royal Highness is involved with more than 300 charities, organisations and military regiments, in the UK and worldwide, many of which focus on improving health and transport in developing countries as well as the education and well-being of children. HRH has been President of Save the Children since 1970, traveling across the globe, including extensively across Africa.

Women in

STEM Education

The Princess Royal champions education opportunities, particularly for women and in engineering. HRH promotes STEM activities and may have been interested to be an engineer, if she wasn’t born into her role, stating that, “the practicalities of how things work, I think, was always interesting as far as I was concerned” (Vanity Fair interview). HRH is the Royal Patron of WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) and has “enjoyed being part of trying to encourage more girls to look at engineering as a realistic career” (Vanity Fair). HRH’s commitment to promoting youth in education and the UK is in alignment with LIYSF’s mission to stimulate youth in science and engineering, particularly for young women. Over recent years, LIYSF has been working to promote women in STEM, with 50% female student attendance and an aim to have diversity in our speakers, in 2021 we will have 50% female plenary principal speakers.

STEM Education

One of our main goals is to demonstrate that no matter your background, STEM can be a career option for all. We want to empower young people to follow their ambitions and we achieve this by exposing students to a wide variety of researchers and important figures who can serve as role models.

HRH has been appointed the fellow of many important scientific societies, the chancellor of several universities and has been given a number of honorary degrees, and continues to champion STEM education with her activities and with her Patronage of LIYSF. Read more about HRH The Princess Royal.


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