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30 Aug, 2017 by Richard Myhill

LISYF Social Events

The one tip LIYSF would give… Is to have as much fun as you possibly can!

LIYSF strives to bring as many young leading scientists together from around the world each year for two weeks. Many students have never travelled outside of their home country, interacted with other cultures or even been a part of a large group of people before. LIYSF think social interaction is key to accompanying the variety of lectures, scientific visits, national visits and specialist study day. Integrating students together from different countries, cultures and backgrounds is a vital aspect of LIYSF, as social life is just as important to engage students together!


After all… As our keynote speaker, Professor Hayat Sindi said at LIYSF’s Opening Ceremony:

“It’s very important to remain who you are. To retain your identity and your own culture, but also, to admire and to respect other cultures”

Welcome Party/ Farewell Party

Students this year got together at the LIYSF welcome party at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel. This was a chance for our participants to get to know their fellow participants and show off their dance moves to some great music chosen by our fantastic staff members! To conclude the last day of LIYSF, the closing ceremony and farewell party were equally just as great with a premier viewing of our ‘Final Memories’ video, followed by more dancing and Macarena’s!

Great Crossword Treasure Hunt

There’s only one way to find out more about London and South Kensington where LIYSF is held, and that’s to have a Great Crossword Treasure Hunt!

Our students this year were given a variety of tasks to complete in their own groups such as having to walk to areas of South Kensington to answer some brain-teasing questions. From discovering the number of pillars there are at the Victoria & Albert Museum, to finding out what statue can be found at a certain location around Imperial College, everyone teamed up to get the answers first! Furthermore, participants were encouraged to talk to staff and find out the answers to some intriguing questions about our staff team too.

This event was a fantastic way for participants to socialise in their groups and of course, to finish… an obligatory group selfie was needed to finish their Treasure Hunt!

Optional Visits Stonehenge & Salisbury, sightseeing river cruise, The London Eye, Tower of London and sightseeing bus tour, The state rooms at Buckingham Palace, Optional theatre shows)

This year at LIYSF, there were a variety of optional visits to offer and all of them were extremely popular.

Some of our students spent their days enriching their knowledge on one of the world’s famous prehistoric structures – the Stonehenge, whilst others relaxed at the theatre evenings we had to offer to see stunning performances such as ‘Wicked’ and ‘42nd Street’.

Optional Visit To Stonehenge

But, how could we forget to also take our participants to the great London landmarks such as the London Eye, Great Tower of London and the stately rooms of Buckingham Palace and of course, the generic City Bus sightseeing tour? Our students thoroughly enjoyed these trips and many went on to document their days on Facebook to all their friends back at home!

Sports Session

Our LIYSF participants arrived in full force, representing their halls and wearing their colours: Beit (Blue), Metrothorne (Red) and MGM (White). They battled it out during an energetic and competitive afternoon full of original team-building games, from wheelbarrow races to relay races! The room echoed with hall chants and team spirits were at a new level of high. The sports day brought all the students together to not only participate but support their halls which made them feel like part of a community and a part of LIYSF.

Sports Session

International Cabaret

“They brought their talent. They brought their energy. They brought their culture. And they shared it with everyone!”

LIYSF participants were encouraged to audition and perform at the international cabaret this year. Hosted at a stunning venue, our students had the chance to show off their culture, talents of all kinds, traditional dress, activities, music and more at this event.

With 19 acts in total from magic tricks to traditional dances, the international cabaret brought a culture-rich evening not to forget. Filling the room with talent, LIYSF is thankful to all our participants for such an incredible evening full of colours, talent, and enthusiasm throughout, and not to forget the supportive audience!

Traditions from Home

Traditions from home allowed for students to teach and show LIYSF about their cultures and traditions from their home countries. The evening involved a mixture of presentations, dances, singing, group performances, and a generous sharing of traditional food for all! The room was taken over by an array of beautiful colours, and traditional dresses and it was a fantastic night to remember for our participants!

Traditions From Home

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