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The London International Youth Science Forum (LIYSF) offers a two-week science summer camp programme both online and in-person held, at Imperial College London & The Royal Geographical Society in the UK. Each year 500 students aged 16-21 years old from 70 countries enjoy our 15-day STEM Summer Camp with lecture demonstrations from leading scientists, scientific visits to world-class laboratories and science universities combined with international cultural interaction.


Founded in 1959, LIYSF is a STEM summer camp that aims to give a deeper insight into science and its applications for benefit…

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63rd Hybrid LIYSF

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63rd LIYSF

Hybrid programme

Online or On-Campus. We take safety very seriously.

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63rd LIYSF

Keynote Speaker

Nobel Prize winner, Professor James Rothman of Yale University

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63rd LIYSF

Principal Lectures

See our incredible line-up of confirmed speakers.

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Why attend a STEM Summer Camp?

STEM careers have seen an unprecedented rise in the 21st century, and it is fair to assume our dependence on science and technology will increase in the years to come. By enrolling in a STEM summer camp, you get the opportunity to develop core skills like – communication, real-world problem-solving and analytical thinking.


Physics, chemistry and biology are considered as the core STEM subjects which also incorporates technology, engineering, and mathematics into scientific studies. Our summer school programme specifically focuses on real-world first-hand applications of science.


Technology classes in STEM-based curriculum now include topics like computer programming, digital modeling, big data analysis, machine learning, artificial intelligence and game development, to name a few. To fully grasp the technological aspect of a STEM summer camp, you also need analytical skills and assessments that help you make conclusions from your results.


Our highly immersive hands-on summer school programme also focuses on engineering curriculum that covers a wide range aspects such as subjects like electrical and electronics, computer science, mechanical, chemical, civil, information technology, robotics, food technology, and aerospace engineering.


Mathematics also includes all of the core mathematical domains such as algebra, trigonometry, calculus, geometry, and probability. Our summer school programme gives our students a chance to experience more ways mathematics can be applied in solving real-world challenges creatively and innovatively.

Our Impact

I had an interview for a PhD placement and all they wanted to ask about from my CV was my experience at LIYSF. They called me back later on and told me I had the placement!...

Sorcha Ní Mhairtín

In 2013, we sent a student and she has now progressed on to Somerville College at Oxford University to study Physics. We certainly feel that her experience at LIYSF played a big part in her successful...

Nigel Pattinson
Head teacher, Ullswater Community College, England

LIYSF has completely changed my perspective. I learned so much, from science to international relations and made so many friends that I will cherish. Coming back home feels like waking up from a surre...

Shakked Schwartz

LIYSF has literally changed my life.  The inspiring lectures, particularly listening to Professor John Ellis from CERN, and the interesting visits, especially to the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, ...

Beth Evans

Its enriching, entertaining, and a gateway to unending opportunities! For me, LIYSF was a life changing forum. From career guidance to cultural bingo, scientific visits and sightseeing beyond London, ...

Rizwan Ali

As Head of Sixth Form sending students to LIYSF for over 15 years I can say that our students have gained greatly from the experience. Attending LIYSF has certainly helped many of our students gain pl...

Lynn Hindley
Assistant Principal, The Fallibroome Academy

Being a staff member gave me a different perspective on the forum but yet again I was amazed that people from all over the world, who's countries fight with each other bitterly over many issues, can c...

James North

I have just been accepted to attend New College at Oxford University. LIYSF formed a significant part of my personal statement. LIYSF also convinced me to visit new places in the world, including Aust...

Daniel Morris

LIYSF visits and social events could not have been better – these were the best ways to find some new friends. Also, the historical power of Stonehenge and Salisbury, breath-taking and magnificent c...

Damian Kwiatkowski

I realised the real aim of LIYSF is to share visions and ideas and gain a better understanding of how science can benefit us all.  The Lectures were highly captivating with such animated presentation...

Fatima Surriya Haq
South Africa

Words fail me as I try to begin describing my experiences at LIYSF. In short, it was magical; a microcosm of the future as envisioned by pioneering scientists. Yet, it was so much more. The well-chose...

Kevin Lee

The Science Forum is an experience I will never forget, I have learnt so much about science, different cultures, and above all, myself. This Science Forum has exposed me to stunning scientific researc...

Vaishnaavi Gnanasampathan
New Zealand

The forum itself was the most brilliant presentation of Science in its entirety that one could ask for. With the most diverse range of topics from in depth- Physics, to application of fluorescent ligh...

Anirban Poddar

The range of optional visits  really did cater to everyone's needs. The people selected to attend the forum were not only brilliant scientists, but they were confident, sporty, musical and outgoing p...

Katherine Mowbray
New Zealand

There was also a whole range of social activities arranged for us…which included the Welcome Party; theatre trips; sightseeing tours; the great crossword treasure hunt; 'Songs of Home' with traditio...

Nicky Reynolds

LIYSF was an experience full of learning and fun. It provided a platform to experience different cultures; understand different points of view; get an insight into science; and make friends beyond the...

Sadan Nasir

This experience has considerably changed my perspective on most aspects of life; … it also helped boost my confidence, as never before had I walked confidently up to a complete stranger only to be r...

John Murray-Bruce

LIYSF met and surpassed every expectation that I had of the scientific, social and communication programs held, despite having already very high expectations of the program. I loved every second of LI...

Vivienne Wells

LIYSF not only exceeded all of my expectations, it also was one of the most enjoyable times of my life. To be able to celebrate science and learn with my peers from around the world was an amazing exp...

Con Moran

Sincerely, LIYSF was a unique experience, I met people from all around the world, I learnt about different cultures, and overall I have reached a deeper and more mature perspective of our global socie...



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