Social & Cultural Interaction

During the two weeks of LIYSF we become an international community with over 70 countries represented from all around the world. A vital part of the experience of attending LIYSF is teaching and learning about different cultures and traditions. Please bring national dress/costume with you from your home country.

LIYSF places a great deal of emphasis on this and believes that cultural interaction and making life-long friends is a very special aspect of attending.

Being a residential forum – split into three Halls with their own dedicated residential staff – you will be spending a lot of time together with new friends, many sharing a room with a new person and eating meals together. To bolster this we have a rich and engaging social programme of events to create a wonderful social programme for your time with us, to ensure that you have an exciting time, make great new friends and learn about new cultures, whilst also representing your own culture.

Programmed Social Events that take place during LIYSF include:

This evening is about sharing culture, explain and teach us about a tradition or national costume and why you wear it. Perhaps you have a traditional food, instrument, clothing, materials, flag, script, reading or song that is special to your country or region that you can share with us. You are free to get audience participation to learn too!

Cultural Showcase Performance Evening – Would you like to perform in-front an international audience of nearly 500 people? Whether you would like to sing, dance, rap, play an instrument, perform a magic trick or showcase your comedy skills, this is the night for you! We would love to see you perform in this very special celebration of song and dance. This is a real highlight in the programme.

Learn in our FameLab style short presentation evening about the research of your fellow students. 10 projects will be chosen to be presented to everyone from the Bazaar evening by our top science and engineering judges.

Join us for this fun filled treasure hunt evening, where you will learn more about and explore our host region of London; South Kensington and Imperial College, as well as make new friends and learn a few things about our student staff team too!

Whether you join as a competitor or supporter, come and join for this fun filled sporting afternoon. We have three teams – based on your halls of residence – and thus it’s very competitive to see which hall wins. You will have to come together as a Hall (led by your LIYSF hall host) to perform the best in our crazy games and cheer the loudest!

These are evening events in a large venue, with DJ and dancefloor so that you can show us your moves and join the fun of our group dances.

We have a large team of resident student counsellors on hand to help throughout your stay. They are all previous LIYSF participants, many from last year. They are on hand every step of the way to help you make the most of your experience and they know exactly what it is like to be in your place, as they have also been an LIYSF participant, with many senior staff coming back for several years.

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