Serena’s Story

I am Serena, and it is really my utmost pleasure to participate in the 60th LIYSF representing Taiwan! Before coming to LIYSF, I was quite sceptical about the testimonials on the website asserting that this would sure be a life-changing event. However, it turned out to be no exaggeration; in fact, the two weeks here at LIYSF were probably one of the most fantastic and enjoyable experience in my entire life!

I have to admit that I was quite nervous before coming to LIYSF. What if I am not qualified to be here? What if I can’t fit in and become fully engaged in the activities? The question marks, however, soon turned into exclamation marks, and my fears, before long, were washed away by the radiant smiles of every new person I met. 500 people from 70 different countries with the same interest in science gathered together in this amazing city, for the same purpose: to learn, to understand, and to inspire one another. And for the past few days, we have achieved this goal and have simultaneously created many wonderful memories. Stepping out of my comfort zone, I’ve got to make friends from Kenya, Zimbabwe, India, Malaysia, Switzerland, Sweden, USA, UK, Chile, Cyprus, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, China, Brazil, Estonia, Germany, Israel, Luxemburg, Mexico, Jamaica, Egypt, Korea, Poland, Singapore, Vietnam, and so on. Spending time becoming friends with incredible people was truly amazing. We happily shared our cultures and thoughts with each other, and I strongly believe that these newly formed friendship bonds between our hearts will always be there, motivating us to keep on moving towards our dreams in the future.

One of my favourite parts of this forum was my visit to the University of Cambridge, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology. It was far beyond my expectations. The building was a shape of a chromosome, which was really cool. Moreover, the environment there was clean, tidy, and comfortable, which made me want to work there. However, what really impressed me was the enthusiasm I saw in the scientists. They shared their research with us with passion, and I could see that they were really dedicated to their researches, doing what they love and loving what they do. It was also lucky for me to have the opportunity to present the vote of thanks on behalf of LIYSF! At first, I really wasn’t sure of myself; however, the staff gave me courage and confidence, and I have successfully done it. I was grateful for this precious opportunity, and really hope that I had left a good impression for LIYSF.

At LIYSF, the lectures and visits were very informative and eye opening; but what’s more, they demonstrated how much one could accomplish with a dream in mind. Thoughts and opinions went back and forth so enthusiastically, the lectures, talks, and visits headed by professional, hectic, and engaging professors were nothing short of inspiring, and there never was a talk that didn’t blow me away. The programs at LIYSF have made me one step closer towards my goals and become the person I want to be.

Through this experience, I’ve obtained a lot in both academic and personal growth. It has moulded me into a more mature and mellowed individual, and has inspired me in several ways that are beyond description. It has also motivated me to stick to my aspirations since nothing is impossible with a willing mind. Also, I learned the importance of stepping out of our isolated circle and becoming an open-minded person who’s willing to take on any challenges, also making fearless breakthroughs when encountering some seemingly harsh obstacles. My experience at LIYSF also enabled me to have a clearer thought of my future study plans and career goals, so now I am kind of sure of what I really want.  

Overall, this was a two weeks full of knowledge, love and passion. I would recommend this experience to anyone who gets the chance, as it was a diverse and exciting program that has taught me both about science and the cultures around the world today. I was incredibly lucky to witness how science brought together people from all over the world, which is something truly captivating. I believe that the experience that I have had in London can translate into actual knowledge, motivation, and action, and to help change the country, the environment, and the world in the future. LIYSF has, without a doubt, proven to be one of the best two weeks of my life for it was a life-long, unforgettable, and valuable experience. For anyone still hesitating, this is definitely an opportunity not to be missed!


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