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During 65 years, LIYSF has connected more than 23,500 students around the world and developed a strong alumni community, which consists of past participants who remain engaged in LIYSF, many as staff, speakers and supporters.

We maintain this community as a way to further promote our aim: to give a greater insight into science and its application for the benefit of all humankind. The existence of this network allows alumni to keep connected and develop new connections with students who attended the Forum in different years, exchanging ideas and collaborating on projects.

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The ongoing contact that we maintain with our alumni allows us to track their career development and the role of LIYSF in their development as professionals. Here you can see the results of our alumni survey and explore the histories of some of our amazing alumni who went on to change the world.


LIYSF has a proven track record of positive impact.

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Of the students that attend LIYSF go on to obtain a PhD.

Career Development


Consider that LIYSF contributed to their perception and knowledge of STEM careers


Consider that LIYSF contributed to their motivation to follow a career in their field of interest


Consider that LIYSF contributed to the development of new ideas in their field of interest

Self Development


Consider that LIYSF contributed to their ability to understand other cultures and perspectives


Consider that LIYSF contributed to the development of their independence


Consider that LIYSF contributed to their ability to think in new ways

Networking Skills


Consider that LIYSF contributed to their ability to interact with people from different backgrounds


Consider that LIYSF contributed to their networking skills

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Our goal is to share some of your projects/achievements on our website/social media, as a way to promote your achievements and encourage our students to keep developing their careers/passions.

LIYSF Impact Report

Take a look into the pages of the LIYSF Impact Report to discover the profound impact our alumni have made in the field of science, showcasing their transformative journeys and remarkable achievements. From breakthrough research endeavors to innovative solutions to global challenges, our alumni stand as testament to the power of scientific exploration. The report encapsulates stories of resilience, perseverance, and ingenuity, highlighting how participation in the LIYSF has served as a catalyst for their personal and professional growth. Witness how these individuals have embraced the ethos of scientific inquiry, paving the way for a brighter and more sustainable

Impact Report 2023

Impact Stories

Illuminating stories of esteemed individuals and LIYSF's ripple effect on global progress and innovation.

LIYSF introduced me to my career path as a chemical engineer. I don’t think I would’ve discovered it had I not been at the forum - had my lightbulb moment where I finally found out that what I wanted to do had a name to it!...

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2013 Participant

"Gave me the confidence to venture out of my comfort zone and pursue a career in medicine. Ignited my passion for working with people. I am now 2 months from completing my degree. It was a big part of my growth and transition from secondary to tertiary education....

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2017 Participant

LIYSF contributed to 'Civic Engagement' by providing me exposure to global challenges and discussions. It inspired me to become more civically engaged, advocating for science and technology solutions to societal issues...

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2017 Participant

It was an eye-opener to both emerging and established fields of STEM, and as a university freshmen at the time, LIYSF painted a clear picture of what I could expect to strive towards. Also, it's not every day that you get the chance to meet people from literally everywhere around the globe...

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2017 Participant

I think it provided a great trajectory of CVs and how people have managed to get to the place they are now, which was truly inspiring as someone who was born into a non-academic family that works in rather crafty jobs...

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2014 Participant

The impact LIYSF had on my life cannot be underestimated. In 2013 I was studying for my A levels and had only recently decided to pursue the sciences. LIYSF confirmed that the sciences were right for me and catapulted me into the career I have today....

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2013 Participant

It was a useful experience that made me more comfortable interacting in an international setting and it was nice to get to know Imperial in advance of uni applications (interviewing) and studying there. I'm currently a Product Manager working on autonomous pick & place robots for warehouses...

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2011 Participant

It was a great experience to know many fields of research, how they were advancing at that time and the many opportunities of new projects that could be done with science. The many students from abroad I met...

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2014 Participant

It was an amazing experience. It made me fell in love with London and ended up pursuing my bachelor's degree there. I met bright minds from all around the world and definitely made one of the best summers I had in high school...

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2017 Participant

LIYSF gave me the opportunity to challenge myself to travel to a new country without my parents, when I was in my final year of school. It gave me the confidence to move to a new city for my university studies and that has changed the course of my life forever...

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2013 Participant

I come from a very ethnically homogeneous country (Taiwan) and this was the first time I was able to talk to people from a lot of different backgrounds. I remember it was interesting to see how people perceive things differently...

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2015 Participant

I made some lifelong friends - whom I’ve subsequently travelled across continents to meet. I was already planning on studying STEM subjects at university but LIYSF contributed to expanding my interest in some areas I had not known so much about...

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2012 Participant

I am a 4th year Medical student now and currently the Diversity, Equity, and Justice Lead of Gender Equity Initiative in Global surgery (GEIGS), a sister organization of Harvard PGSSC (Program on Global Surgery and Social Change)...

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2017 Participant

My experience at LIYSF really pushed me to look into science and research as not only a passion but also as a career. I'm now pursuing my doctorate at ETH Zürich in the geosciences, and I believe that LIYSF helped open the door for me for seriously considering research as a career...

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2012 Participant

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Periodically, we curate alumni stories, selecting captivating features and photos that honor the rich history of LIYSF. If you're seeking to indulge in LIYSF nostalgia, there are few destinations as rewarding as these curated collections. Explore a selection of our featured alumni stories below...

“Worked at the Mercedes Formula Electric racing team based near Oxford. Participating in LIYSF also helped me conceptualize a career in the UK.” – Anonymous, 2017 Participant

“Worked at the Mercedes Formula Electric racing team based near Oxford. Participating in LIYSF also helped me conceptualize a career in the UK.” – Anonymous, 2017 Participant

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