Professor Mark McCaughrean

Professor McCaughrean is the Senior Scientific Advisor at the European Space Agency (ESA). Mark works in the Directorate of Science and Robotic Exploration and he is responsible for communicating the scientific results from ESA’s astronomy, heliophysics, planetary, and fundamental physics missions. Mark has spoken internationally about the ESA mission to land on the comet Rosetta, the mission, the outcomes and the possible future.

Mark obtained his PhD from the University of Edinburgh and has worked at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre, followed by working at various German astronomical institutes; in Tucson, Heidelberg, Bonn, and Potsdam. Before joining ESA he was a Professor Astrophysics at the University of Exeter, UK.

Mark’s research considers observational studies of the formation of stars and their planetary systems by using state of the art telescopes, both ground and space based. He is also an Interdisciplinary Scientist on the Science Working Group for the NASA/ESA/CSA for the James Webb Space Telescope.

Mark and his team have spacecraft currently working at Venus, Mars, Saturn, around the Earth and spacecraft looking at the Sun. His team are working on new missions to Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter’s icy moons. Further work involves new space telescopes, of which, some will be searching for Earth-like planets in orbit of other stars, some of which are 1.5 million km from Earth.


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