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Join us at the 64th LIYSF for our unique science summer school in the UK for students aged 16-21 years old.

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Join us at the 64th LIYSF for our unique science summer school in the UK for students aged 16-21 years old.

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Who We Are?

Things You Need To
Know About LIYSF

64th LIYSF


  • Hybrid programme, online or on-campus. We take safety very seriously, please check here
  • Keynote Speaker, Nobel Prize winner, Professor James Rothman of Yale University
  • See our incredible line-up of confirmed speakers here
  • Enjoy our 15 day STEM learning programme with lectures from leading scientists, scientific visits to world class laboratories
  • Networking, debate and cultural interaction


What’s Included?

On-Campus versus VIRTUAL

LIYSF On-Campus
10 principal lecture demonstrations, held in the historic Ondaatje Theatre at the Royal Geographical Society – see our 2023 schedule below
10 principal lectures, live-streamed on our interactive platform
4 specialist lecture sessions, across a wide range of STEM subjects – choice of 32 lectures
Propose questions to lecturers in person
Be involved, participate and contribute live in lecture Q&A’s
4 day visits to top UK university departments including London, Oxford and Cambridge and visits to national research facilities – choice of over 50 visits
Scientific visits online content
Meet other students, from around the world, CONNECT, network and participate in debates
Meet other students on our global digital platform, live chats and virtual debate lounges
Access to virtual content to re-watch lectures or see alternative parallel sessions
Virtual on-demand, re-watch or view missed sessions
Certificate upon completing the programme
Digital certificate
Opportunity to present project investigation work in our Science Bazaar
Students invited to present an independent research project
Immersive social and cultural interaction – 10 events
Connect in person with fellow students on campus during meals, in halls, social activities and free time
Optional sightseeing tours across the UK and in London visiting iconic landmarks. Opportunity to see top west-end theatre shows
14 nights’ accommodation in South Kensington, central London
All meals provided throughout
Travel to scheduled events within the programme

LIYSF 2023 Schedule

This is the full on-campus schedule for LIYSF 2023. LIYSF VIRTUAL offers access to all PRINCIPAL Lectures live and on-demand.

Wed 26th July
Thu 27th July
Opening Ceremony & Nobel Prize Winner Keynote Address – Professor James Rothman & LIYSF President Welcome – Professor Clare Elwell
Principal Lecture Demonstration – Professor Ian Chapman
Welcome Party
Fri 28th July
Visit to Research & Scientific Establishments in London – More Information
Principal Lecture Demonstration – Professor Ijeoma Uchegbu
Great Crossword Treasure Hunt – More Information
Sat 29th July
Principal Lecture Demonstration – Professor Richard O’Kennedy
The Science Forum Bazaar – Student Project Poster Board Event – More Information
Optional Guided Coach Tour of London – More Information
Sun 30th July
Optional Visit to Stonehenge – More Information
Optional Visit to Stonehenge
Debate Evening – led by Dr Jason Nurse
Mon 31st July
Principal Lecture Demonstration – Steve McKechnie
Specialist Lectures – More Information
Student Topics & Science Communication
Tue 1st August
Day Visit to Research & Scientific Establishments – More Information
Day Visit to Research & Scientific Establishments
Optional Theatre Night – More Information
Wed 2nd August
Specialist Study Day – led by Dr Gemma Bale
Specialist Study Day – More Information
Principal Lecture Demonstration – Professor Sally Day
Thu 3rd August
Day Visits to Oxford & Cambridge Research and Scientific Establishments – More Information
Day Visits to Oxford & Cambridge Research and Scientific Establishments
Fri 4th August
Alumni Specialist Lectures– More Information
Principal Lecture Demonstration – Professor Tolullah Oni & Afternoon Visits to Museums
International Cabaret – Cultural Showcase Performance Evening – More Information
Sat 5th August
Principal Lecture Demonstration – Dr Ollie Folayan
Principal Lecture Demonstration – Professor Mark McCaughrean
LIYSF Olympics (Sports Day Session with Team Games)
Sun 6th August
Optional Visits: Day visit to Oxford OR Day visit to Cambridge More Information
or Optional Visit to the Tower of London
Traditions of Home – Sharing World Customs and Fashion Evening – More Information
Mon 7th August
Specialist Lectures – More Information
Optional Visit to the State Rooms at Buckingham Palace and/or the London Eye – More Information
Optional Theatre Night
Tue 8th August
Participants’ Forum
Farewell Party
Wed 9th August
Experience a Hybrid

STEM Learning Programme

with renowned Scientists

Why STEM Learning is important?

STEM learning programmes in the UK are intended for young students from across the world who want to build their career in the field of science, math, technology and engineering.

As always, LIYSF will aim to cover a broad range of subjects across STEM fields and students will be able to tailor their programme to suit their own STEM interests. Future developments with Artificial Intelligence, Nano-technology, Engineering, Robotics, Biology, Medicine, Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Astrophysics will be considered in depth across LIYSF lectures and visits from world leading researchers.

For two weeks at LIYSF, participants live together as an international community to exchange their ideas and experiences of the world. The modern world still presents new challenges and the scientific advancements continue to increase. How science moves forward in the future, with the thinkers of today and the questions to be asked, comes from those students attending LIYSF.

Science For Society

The LIYSF 2023 STEM learning programme will have the underlying theme “Science for Society”.

How a STEM Learning Programme helps you in your career?

There are many challenges that we are facing today as a society that really only scientists can address. Science activities can make a real change in our world.

The problems we face globally are diverse and challenging in nature, so we need diverse teams to tackle these. At LIYSF 2023 we will consider how all science disciplines should be used together to provide effective solutions for challenges such as, climate change, sustainable energy, viruses, ageing and over-population to data management, cyber-security and the authenticity of information. We will consider how science can be used to mobilise change and address the issues we face.

Never has science been more vital to mankind. Therefore, how science is communicated is even more important today – not just to governments and policymakers, but to everyone. Scientists must be able to articulate their ideas in an effective manner and provide evidence-based facts.

LIYSF 2023 will not only consider what the scientific and technological landscape might look in the future and how this can be influenced, but will also equip students with new knowledge and skills, connections and a broader perspective.

Experience a STEM Learning Programme like never before

Are you interested in learning science while also having a fun-filled experience of summer camps? Then you’re at the right place! Did you know science camps teach you to solve present day challenges using innovative combinations of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)? The unique STEM learning programme organized by LIYSF every summer in the UK, offers you hands-on experience with cutting edge scientific research at state-of-the-art research facilities to ignite your passion for the sciences!

So, what are you waiting for? Apply now and join us at the 64th LIYSF for our unique STEM learning programme for students aged 16-21 years old.


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