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62nd LIYSF London International Youth Science Forum 2021

LIYSF: 28th JULY – 11th AUGUST 2021

Summer School, STEM Learning & Programme In The UK

Join us at the 62nd LIYSF for our unique science summer school programme, with our STEM learning science camp in the UK for national and international students aged 16-21 years old, with:

  • 12 Plenary Lectures from leading scientists, including Nobel Prize winner 
  • Seminars, debates and discussions on current scientific topics of world concern
  • 4 specialist lecture sessions, across a wide range of STEM subjects – choice of 32 lectures
  • 4 day Visits to top UK University departments including, London, Oxford and Cambridge and visits to national research facilities – choice of 55 visits
  • Opportunity to present project investigation work 
  • Wide range of cultural activities & social events – 10 events 
  • Optional sightseeing tours across the UK, in London and to see top west-end theatre shows
  • 14 nights’ accommodation in South Kensington, central London
  • Meals and travel to programmed events within the programme provided throughout

Explore the pages in this section to learn about what happens at LIYSF and see our agenda/schedule here.

Applications for LIYSF 2021 are now open. To apply, click here


STEM programmes are meant for young students in the UK who want to build their career in the field of science, math, technology and engineering. Read more about the importance of STEM here.

As always, LIYSF will aim to cover a broad range of subjects across STEM fields and students will be able to tailor their programme to suit their own STEM interests. Future developments with Artificial Intelligence, Nano-technology, Engineering, Robotics, Biology, Medicine, Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Astrophysics will be considered in depth across LIYSF lectures and visits from world leading researchers.

LIYSF 2021 will have the underlying theme:


There are many challenges that we are facing today as a society that really only scientists can address. Science can make a real change in our world.

The problems we face globally are diverse and challenging in nature, so we need diverse teams to tackle these. At LIYSF 2021 we will consider how all science disciplines should be used together to provide effective solutions for challenges such as, climate change, sustainable energy, viruses, ageing and over-population to data management, cyber-security and the authenticity of information. We will consider how science can be used to mobilise change and address the issues we face.

Never has science been more vital to mankind. Therefore, how science is communicated is even more important today – not just to governments and policy makers, but to everyone. Scientists must be able to articulate their ideas in an effective manner and provide evidence based facts.

LIYSF 2021 will not only consider what the scientific and technological landscape might look in the future and how this can be influenced, but will also equip students with new knowledge and skills, connections and a broader perspective.

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