A Wonderful Opportunity For Budding Scientists of Japan

A world-class STEM program which is held at Imperial College London and The Royal Geographical Society in London offer a great learning experience to 500 young talents from across the world aged 16-21 years. The two-week student residential program instigates and solidifies their passion for career and research in the scientific field along with excellent cultural interactions.


Life at LIYSF

With an incredible learning experience, LIYSF furnishes a time filled with knowledge, exploring and fun. Science seminars, lectures, visits, city tour and more await you at the finest science forums in the thrilling London city.

  • 15-days residential science event based at Imperial College London for students aged 16-21 years old
  • World’s leading scientists give 12 main lecture demonstrations
  • 500 students attend from over 70 countries worldwide
  • 4 days visits to the best UK university laboratories (London, Oxford, Cambridge and UK), research centres and scientific institutions (choice from a wide range of visits)
  • 4 specialist lecture sessions, across subjects such as; Artificial Intelligence, Nano-technology, Engineering, Robotics, Biology, Medicine, Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Astrophysics (choice of 16 lectures)
  • Active social programme to share and learn about different cultures
  • Students gain new knowledge and skills, connections and a broader perspective
  • Participation charge of £2,195 GBP includes; 14 nights’ accommodation in South Kensington, all meals, main lectures and specialist lectures, scientific visits across the UK, transport during LIYSF, certificate and social programme.
  • 62nd LIYSF: 28th July – 11th August 2021

Things You Need To Know

LIYSF 2020

All About LIYSF 2020



Principal Lectures

Meet Our Eminent Speakers



Scientific Visits

World Renowned Scientific Institutions



Specialist Lectures and Study Day

Smaller Focused Specialist Lectureres



Science Project

Poster Project Event




Social & Cultural Interaction



Meet Our Experts

Our deemed experts are here to make you learn and extract the best

Download our Flyer and Brochure

Please use these to promote LIYSF in your country.

Please see our 2021 flyer and 2019 brochure programme here to gain an idea of how LIYSF runs.

The format for our 62nd LIYSF will remain the same with a similar range of lectures and visits and the same social programme and inclusions.

Exploring The United Kingdom

Explore the major attractions of the city like Buckingham Palace, London Eye, Tower of London and more. Make your learning experience at LIYSF a knowledgeable and fun one which you would cherish forever.

Never stop exploring


Tower of London

A beautiful castle that is set against a magnificent backdrop boasting its historical essence



London Eye

Get a magnificent view of the city from one of the world’s tallest Ferris wheel



Buckingham Palace

Subsume the enchanting architecture in the palace of royal importance



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