57th LIYSF
22nd July - 5th August 2015

    CERN Programme

    ''LIYSF is not all about the academics, and I think I've gained just as much from the social programme as I have from the academic programme.'' Rachel Wiltshire, New Zealand

The London International Youth Science Forum (LIYSF)

LIYSF is a two week residential event held at Imperial College London, with lectures and demonstrations from leading scientists, visits to industrial sites, research centres, scientific institutions and organisations, including world class laboratories and universities.

LIYSF attracts over 400 of the world's leading young scientists aged 17-21 years old from more than 60 participating countries. There is an active social calendar with events designed to enable those from around the world to learn about different cultures. The scope of LIYSF extends further than broadening scientific understanding to engage students in education on other cultures and develop lasting, international friendships.

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