LIYSF Students Present Their Projects at the Science Bazaar
30 Jul, 2016 by Deepesh

Science Bazaar Poster Project Event

The London International Youth Science Forum Science Bazaar gives participants the opportunity to share their research with students from all over the world, and to talk to experts about the projects they have completed prior to attending LIYSF. This year, over 140 of the 500 participants in the forum presented their research covering a wide range of topics. These topics ranged from hologram development, sodium chloride solution to absorb indoor formaldehyde, vaccinating teenage boys with the HPV vaccine, and using sniffer dogs to detect the presence of red palm weevil, just to name a few.

Science Bazaar Aerial View

Alamuri Ratnamala designed a trash segregator that will help make the world a greener and cleaner place. The advancing population of India generates millions of tonnes of waste each day, and less than 5% of this is being recycled. Uncontrolled dumping of waste leads to serious environmental implications such as rising pollution and global warming. In order to make waste management easier and more effective, Alamuri designed the Automatic Waste Segregator which sorts waste into wet waste and dry waste.

“The science forum bazaar was extraordinary and there were so many talented people presenting projects, I learned a lot by just having conversations with them”, said Alex, from Taiwan.

Haad Khurran and Maaz Ullah Arshad from Pakistan focussed their project on finding a way to help students make the decision about what they should do when they leave school. Based on their experiences, they found that their peers were being pressured into studying the same thing as their parents. The outcome of their research was to come up with a psychological test, where the results would suggest what the student’s personalities would be best suited for studying. The students would then be directed to a website where they could then read about the results, and compare the universities that offer that particular course. This would help them to decide what university is best for them and will help make the transition from high school to university easier and less stressful.

Haad Khurran & Maaz Ullah From Pakistan

Raphaelle from Malaysia thought that the student bazaar was “really cool because she learned lots of new things by reading everyone’s projects and asking them questions”.

If you want to find out more about the Science Forum Bazaar, some of the projects, and how to participate in LIYSF.

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