Nairuti’s Story

This year I was lucky enough to be a part of the 59th London International Youth Science Forum, and also was one of the delegates representing my country, India!

Ever since childhood, I’ve always been interested in science. Science is just like a religion to me. As a result of that, during my High School and university years (whilst studying mechanical engineering), I’ve had always tried and applied to different national and international science programs. But due to the difference in education systems between where I study and where I applied I didn’t get selected anywhere. But as hard work always pays, after seven years of trying, I found out about LIYSF on the internet and applied for the same. I got an invitation letter! I was so happy and excited about it. Then another difficult task was to manage funds. But I again managed and finally attended the phenomenal and the best two weeks of my life at the London International Youth Science Forum!

I can’t find words to express how I felt during those two weeks. It is held at the Imperial College London which is a great place! This year the theme was ‘Science making life better’! The lectures, scientific visits, the social programs, the professors and of course the PEOPLE, everything was perfect. I totally enjoyed every single lecture and every single visit.

My favourite lecture was ‘Doughnuts, Bananas and footprints: Why sustainable lifestyles are hard to achieve’! It has inspired me a lot to work in that field and help saving nature through Science. From all the scientific visits, the best one I think, was the visit to Airbus! It was so good. People, there were so nice and explained everything so perfectly. I’m so thankful to LIYSF for all this. All the professors were so good and they never got tired of answering our questions.

As well as all this, I got to be the flag bearer for my country at the opening ceremony, which was an outstanding and proud moment for me. At LIYSF, I got to meet the amazing people from around the world and trust me, that is the best part about the forum! All the staff members, Media team, the Director Mr. Richard Myhill and all the participants from 67 different countries were all so kind and so friendly. I made so many amazing friends which are so special and will always be part of my life. The staff took very good care of us throughout the Forum.

LIYSF has given me so much. It has changed my life in many different ways. It has made me more confident, more connected to science, more kind and I’m more in love with science now. I now find the subjects interesting which I used to hate before. It has surely helped me find out my field of interest. I love to sing but I’m usually very shy. But at LIYSF, as everyone was so supportive and sweet, I sang for the very first time in public at the cultural evening. And it was a wonderful experience. We got to see some pretty awesome places around London in the optional visits. London is a beautiful city and I totally loved it.

I’m very thankful to my parents for supporting me throughout and sending me here. LIYSF will always be close to my heart. It was really a privilege to be there. Everything was magical and inspiring. At LIYSF, I had indeed the best two weeks of my life! 

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