Amanda’s Story

2018, the year the 60th year of LIYSF would take place and I had have the honour of partaking in this event, which changed my life.

My name is Amanda Korp and I am just about to start my last year of high school. I come from Sweden and live in a small city on the west coast called Lysekil.

I remember the day our teacher told us about an annual science forum in London. Many people in class laughed and wondered who would want to go to a science school during the summer break. But not me, all kinds of thoughts were spinning around in my head: Would I dare to apply? What can I do at the forum? What if I would be all on my own?

I was still nervous, but I did not think I would win the scholarship. Four months later I am at Landvetter Airport with the ticket in my hand. I was going to do something all on my own and it was both terrifying and quite thrilling.

What I experienced in London is unlike anything I have ever done before. Participants from all over the world gathered to share two weeks of science together. The cohesion was indescribable; it felt as if we were one big family. The streets that  were once brand new to me, ended up feeling like home. We got to take part of some amazing visits in London but also around southern England. We met passionate scientists, doctors, and lecturers who all cared deeply for the subjects they practised. Not a day went by where you did not get inspired.

But LIYSF is not all about science. It is about fellowship, making your voice heard, listening to others, respecting each other’s opinions, and getting along. Everyone should at some point in their life experience something similar to LIYSF. If we are all to live on the same earth, we must tackle all problems together as a team. LIYSF has shown me that no matter how different people are, be it varying nationalities, religions, and cultures, we can get along. To be able to work together and understand each other (even when you have different opinions) is so incredibly important.

I am grateful that I experienced this along with five hundred other students from 70 different countries. We need each other now, more than ever. Earth is facing new challenges every day and because of it, it is important that we solve these problems together. We are the future and it is incredibly important that we learn to work together.

I loved every lecture I went to, they were all inspiring as well as exciting but my absolute favourite memory is of the” Science Bazaar”, where over 150 participants presented their scientific projects. It was fascinating to see how much they knew about what they were presenting and I was completely enchanted. The subjects were so varying which makes you realise how broad science is. If you have something to present I absolutely think you should take this opportunity!

I remember every day of the forum as if it was yesterday. I often think back to all the fantastic memories we created together. I have made friends from all around the world. Regardless of which continent I decide to visit, I will always have a home.

Since it was so fantastic to meet all those people, it is equally hard to be away from them. To each and every one that I met and who might be reading this right now; I miss you all so much. Thanks for everything and I hope we meet again soon.

LIYSF didn’t just confirm my love for science. It also made me aware of what I am truly passionate about. During one of the first lectures with Dr Kathy Niakan I immediately realised I want to dedicate my life to stem cell research and genetics. Without LIYSF I would still be at a huge question mark.

Words simply cannot describe this unique experience. To completely comprehend you must have participated and that is exactly why I recommend everyone to apply to LIYSF. I want even more people to take part of this wonderful experience! Not only will you be representing your country during the forum, you will also represent LIYSF after the forum!  

From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank everyone taking part of the 60th science forum, and I would also like to give an extra big thanks to those who made it all possible. Thanks to all the lecturers, all the members of the staff and an extra big thank you to Mr. Richard Myhill.

2018: the year that opened my eyes.
Unforgettable and amazing thanks to LIYSF.

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