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Participate in a Leading STEM Summer Camp in London

15 November 2020 By LIYSF

STEM Summer Camps are the best place for young students to learn about Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in an exciting and interactive way!

Our Best STEM Summer Camps in London

The London International Youth Science Forum is a two-week residential summer school, held annually in central London. 500 students from over 70 different participating countries, of ages 16 to 21, get to participate in this camp and nurture their enthusiasm for STEM learning

This STEM summer camp is held every year at Imperial College London and The Royal Geographical Society. Students also get the opportunity to visit other leading UK research centres and Universities, such as Oxford and Cambridge Universities, among other places.

During these two weeks, the students will learn about a wide range of STEM subjects. The topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Medicine, Nanotechnology, Robotics, Engineering, Chemistry, Biology, Math, Physics and Astrophysics will be considered in depth across LIYSF lectures. LIYSF also organizes visits and plenary talks from world-leading researchers.

By the end of this camp, students would have had the opportunity to engage with other like-minded members of the community, and exchange their ideas and experiences of the world. They would have made new friends, improved their social skills, and have new knowledge that they can apply at school, and gain the confidence to pursue STEM as a future career.

LIYSF is recognized as one of the leading STEM summer camps in the world and was established in 1959. By visiting our website you can learn more about the upcoming LIYSF 2021 and get ready to apply for the programme.

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What Benefits Do STEM Summer Camps Offer?

STEM learning is the most important need of our time. With civilization becoming ever more dependent on science and technology for their everyday needs, newer and groundbreaking innovations are coming up all the time. Therefore, we need future scientists and engineers to manage, research and develop new technologies to keep up with the growing demand for humankind.

STEM summer camps are one of the most effective ways to reinvigorate the inner curiosity of young students. These camps allow students to explore, build, repair, and bring out their inner engineer and scientist. They are able to learn the various domains of STEM in a fun and engaging manner, which  motivates them to take up STEM as a future career.

Let’s discuss some of the benefits that our STEM summer camp offers:

Acquire and Advance Basic STEM Skills

It is not uncommon to see schools struggling to have the required infrastructure to provide well-rounded STEM education to students. Many students studying in these schools have immense interest in STEM but may not be able to find the right outlet to explore their interests.

The LIYSF STEM summer camp is a great place for students to foster their innate curiosity in the sciences. They will get the opportunity to participate in real-world experiments and projects.

For instance, if a student has an interest in robotics and computers, then our science camp would provide a platform for the student to explore the future in these fields and turn their interest into something more tangible.

Scientific Visit

Exploring the Various Career Paths

We employ cutting-edge education technology to effectively provide the necessary knowledge to students, whatever their interest. As students improve their STEM abilities, by attending the comprehensive lectures during our STEM summer camp, they will be able to learn how to use these skills for a future career. Meeting other students sharing similar interests, and interacting with various industry professionals, helps cement their interest in pursuing a STEM-based career.

Several surveys are pointing to the fact that there is a shortage of applicants for STEM-based jobs. These jobs pay significantly more money than other non-tech careers. There is an endless number of STEM careers to choose from, and participating in our summer school would give the students a head-start towards a brighter and better future.

Meeting New People

A lot of times, we see a bright and curious student unable to express themselves because none of their friends at school shares their interests. At LIYSF, the student would get an outlet to immerse themselves in a fun environment with other like-minded students who share their passions.

They can learn and interact with other students with similar interests, which can lead to long-term friendships. These can lead the students to further explore their passion, which can lead to startling discoveries and endless positive effects on their lives.

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Having Fun!

Summer holidays are supposed to be fun for young students. But they would be even better if the students can learn at the same time as well. Our STEM summer camps are naturally fun for inquisitive students and allow them to learn a ton of new stuff while they are there.

We offer an unforgettable summer-time experience for students. They learn not only about science, but also new social skills, lifestyles of people around the world, and ways to collaborate with diverse teams to tackle global challenges.

What’s So Special About LIYSF?

Students who participate in the STEM summer school and science camps visit top research universities and state-of-the-art research facilities in and about the UK. They get the opportunity to meet and interact with leading professionals in the domain of their interest, including Noble Prize-winning scientists.

More importantly, they would get to explore further into their interests, while having fun. They can meet new people, make new friends, learn amazing stuff, and gain some insight into what they want to do when they’re older.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit our website right now to learn more about LIYSF 2021. You can visit our blog to read about the advantages of our STEM summer school and much more!

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