Liam’s Story

I’d like to say thanks. Thanks to the amazing staff. Thanks to everyone that shared a smile. Thanks for the banter. Thank you for the food trips, for 12.30am press ups. Thanks for sharing your culture, your customs, your perspectives. Thanks for sharing a hug. Thank you for the laughter. Thank you for the memories.

“LIYSF may hold science in its name, but it holds people in its heart”. Truly, it was not the amazing lectures, nor the ‘food’, nor even the summer sun that made the Forum, but rather the people. More than 500 extraordinarily diverse people representing more than 70 countries, living, laughing and experiencing the wonder of LIYSF and the UK together. To me, meeting the people attending was probably the best bit – eating with them, sharing endless jokes, laughter, food and sleepless nights together has formed strong bonds that transcend national boundaries, and has left me able to travel the world by sleeping on couches.

The science was also incredible to learn about and partake in. I return to school even more enthused about my future career in science and more aware of the manifold career paths that but await our presence. The lectures, talks, and visits headed by brilliant and engaging scientists was nothing short of inspiring, and there was never a talk that didn’t blow me away.

This year, the theme of LIYSF was ‘Science for the Future’. We experienced something truly magical together, and I look forward to meeting the incredibly enthusiastic and forward-thinking people again, and reminiscing about those surreal summer days in London.  But I would venture a change to the theme of LIYSF 2018: ‘Scientists for the Future’. It is these amazing people that will continue to be ambassadors for science and the problem solvers of the future, whatever it may bring.

To quote a dear friend, “If this forum has taught me anything, it’s that the universe has a way of bringing the right people together in the right place at the right time”.

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