61st London International Youth Science Forum 2019

LIYSF - 24th July to 7th August 2019


LIYSF is set for our 61st edition and an incredible year. We have a very exciting programme to offer our participants.

Please see the pages in this section about what makes up LIYSF.

See the agenda/schedule for the 60th LIYSF to get an idea of what the 61st LIYSF will look like here.

Applications for LIYSF 2019 are now open. To apply, click here

The theme for the 60th LIYSF was 'Science for the Future'. Stay tuned to find out what the 61st LIYFS theme will be.


As always, LIYSF will aim to cover a broad range of subjects across STEM fields and students will be able to tailor their programme to suit their own STEM interests, however, for the 60th LIYSF we will have the underlying theme of: Science for the Future.

Over the last 59 years, science has had a transformative effect on our lives. Science touches each and every person’s life throughout every moment in any day. From the transport used to travel and its infrastructure, phone, tablet or computer device, the energy to heat and give light, food, medicines and health care to the clothes worn; all are developed through scientific research and processes.

Science is uniquely placed to help the world for the future. Science can help tackle some of the issues we face today, such as; energy, food and water security, climate change, biodiversity and potential pandemics.

Never has science been more vital to mankind. Therefore, how science is communicated is even more important today - not just to governments and policy makers, but to everyone. Scientists must be able to articulate their ideas in an effective manner.  

LIYSF 2018 will not only consider what the scientific and technological landscape might look in the future and how this can be influenced, but will also equip our students with new knowledge and skills, connections and a broader perspective. 

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