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London Scientific Visit
26.A     London Scientific Visit     Visit   26/07/2019  Association Of Anaesthetists Of Great Britain & Ireland  Founded in 1932 by Dr Henry W Featherstone, The Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland (AAGBI) represents the medical and political views of over 11,000 anaesthetists in the UK, Ireland and internationally.
26.B     London Scientific Visit     Visit   26/07/2019  Imperial College Healthcare, Alexander Fleming Laboratory Museum  St Mary's Hospital is home to the Alexander Fleming Laboratory Museum. Fleming discovered the antibiotic penicillin at St Mary's Hospital in 1928, a breakthrough that revolutionised medicine and earned him a Nobel Prize. Visitors to the Museum can see Fleming's laboratory, restored to its 1928 condition, and explore the story of Fleming and the discovery and development of penicillin through displays and video.
26.C     London Scientific Visit     Visit   26/07/2019  Imperial College London, Department of Chemical Engineering  See the laboratories, pilot plant and computing facilities of one of the UK's largest departments of its kind.
26.D     London Scientific Visit     Visit   26/07/2019  Imperial College London, Department of Life Sciences  One of the largest life science groups in Europe, research of full breadth of modern life science activity including, Molecular Bio-sciences, Cell & Molecular Biology and Ecology & Evolution.
26.E     London Scientific Visit     Visit   26/07/2019  Imperial College London. Department of Materials: Biomaterials in Regenerative Medicine  Research into biomaterials for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine; and bio-nanotechnology for nanostructures and create nano-biomaterials.
26.F     London Scientific Visit     Visit   26/07/2019  Jodrell Laboratory at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew  World-famous centre for botanical research and study; includes a visit to the Jodrell Laboratory.
26.G     London Scientific Visit     Visit   26/07/2019  King's College London - Centre for Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine  Led by Professor Fiona Watt, located on the Guy’s Hospital campus, the Centre acts as a focus for cutting-edge stem cell research taking place across the College and its partner NHS Trusts. The centre is particularly interested in how stem cells interact with their local environment, or niche and how an understanding of these interactions is important for developing effective cell therapies.
26.H     London Scientific Visit     Visit   26/07/2019  Linnean Society  The Linnean Society of London is the world’s oldest active biological society. The Society takes its name from the Swedish naturalist Carl Linnaeus (1707–1778) whose botanical, zoological and library collections have been in its keeping since 1829. These unique collections are of continuing fundamental importance as a primary reference for taxonomy.
26.I     London Scientific Visit     Visit   26/07/2019  Lloyds Register Foundation  The Lloyd’s Register Foundation is a UK charity which aims to protect the safety of life and property, and to advance transport and engineering education and research.
26.J     London Scientific Visit     Visit   26/07/2019  London Metropolitan University – Sports Science  Sports courses at London Met are led a by a team of passionate and experienced lecturers with varied experience within sports teams, private practice and research environments. Teaching and learning is built around a mix of practical and theoretical sessions in custom built facilities.
26.K     London Scientific Visit     Visit   26/07/2019  London Wetland Centre  Over 100 acres of wetland sites, with extensive populations of wild birds, plants and insects. Talk to the experts about biodiversity and conservation.
26.L     London Scientific Visit     Visit   26/07/2019  National Physical Laboratory  UK's principal facility in measurement and materials science. Visit state of the art facilities ensuring accuracy, consistency and innovation in physical measurement.
26.M     London Scientific Visit     Visit   26/07/2019  Old Operating Theatre and Herb Garret  Original Operating Theatre dating from 1821, with original instruments; find out about surgery before anaesthesia and antiseptics.
26.N     London Scientific Visit     Visit   26/07/2019  Queen Mary University of London - School of Engineering and Materials Science  The School of Engineering and Materials Science (SEMS) is ranked as one of the best in the UK, with cutting-edge research focused in: Modelling and Simulation in Engineering Systems, Bioengineering and Materials Science. SEMS provides outstanding degree programmes coupled with internationally leading research.
26.O     London Scientific Visit     Visit   26/07/2019  The Royal Institution  The Royal Institution (Ri) is an independent charity dedicated to connecting people with the world of science with over 200 years of history. At the L'Oreal Young Scientist Centre students will undertake a magnets and motors workshop, seeing a demonstration of Faraday’s original electric motor and then building a simple battery powered motor that uses similar principles.
26.P     London Scientific Visit     Visit   26/07/2019  University College London - Faculty of Engineering  The Engineering Faculty is uniquely international. Our students and staff join us from over 120 nations – as do our academic and business partners. Our teaching programmes are designed to engage students and give them the skills to address the world’s challenges. We have pioneered new teaching methods for undergraduates and involve our postgraduates with our cutting-edge, highly-rated academic research. The graduates we educate progress to a wide range of roles, within engineering and technology sectors and beyond.
26.Q     London Scientific Visit     Visit   26/07/2019  University College London Hospitals – Department of Haematology and Blood Transfusion  The laboratory issues approximately 50,000 blood and plasma products per annum, supporting the large Haemato-Oncology Department, a tertiary referral centre for the North West London area and the large Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Unit which transfuses more patients than any other Trust in the UK.
26.R     London Scientific Visit     Visit   26/07/2019  University College London, Jill Dando Institute of Security and Crime Science  Visit the first Institute in the world devoted to crime science. Research is concentrated on new ways to cut crime and increase security.
29th July Specialist Lectures
29.1     29th July Specialist Lectures     Lecture   29/07/2019  Professor Cathie Clarke  Star Formation and Exoplanets
29.2     29th July Specialist Lectures     Lecture   29/07/2019  Dr Amy Dickman  Wild Felid Conservation
29.3     29th July Specialist Lectures     Lecture   29/07/2019  Professor Seth Love  Pathogenesis of nerve cell damage and death in neurological disease - Alzheimer's
29.4     29th July Specialist Lectures     Lecture   29/07/2019  Dr Moritz Riede  Organic solar cell technology
29.5     29th July Specialist Lectures     Lecture   29/07/2019  Professor Victoria Sanz-Moreno  Rho GTPases, the cytoskeleton and cancer metastasis
29.6     29th July Specialist Lectures     Lecture   29/07/2019  Professor Simon Waddington  Gene Transfer Technology
29.7     29th July Specialist Lectures     Lecture   29/07/2019  Alastair Wayman  Airbus, clearing up space debris
29.8     29th July Specialist Lectures     Lecture   29/07/2019  Dr Seth Zenz  Individual Ideas, Working Together: The Discovery of the Higgs Boson
Day Scientific Visit
30.A     Day Scientific Visit     Visit   30/07/2019  Airbus UK  Core activities at Filton include the design, engineering and support for Airbus wings, fuel systems and landing gear integration.
30.B     Day Scientific Visit     Visit   30/07/2019  Animal & Plant Health Agency (APHA)  The Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) is the UK Government agency responsible for animal, plant and bee health. APHA are responsible for; identifying and controlling endemic and exotic diseases and pests in animals, plants and bees, and surveillance of new and emerging pests and diseases; scientific research in areas such as bacterial, viral, prion and parasitic diseases and vaccines, and food safety; and act as an international reference laboratory for many farm animal diseases.
30.C     Day Scientific Visit     Visit   30/07/2019  University of Birmingham, School of Biosciences  Across the breadth of life and environmental sciences, we discover, apply and translate science, forging major advances in human and environmental health.  From exercise, biomedicine and mental health to climate change, food security and resilience we combine original thinking and real-world experience with clear focus and rigour. This is underpinned by our enabling technologies, which combine state-of-the-art equipment with expert staff.
30.D     Day Scientific Visit     Visit   30/07/2019  Cardiff University - School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences & Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre (CUBRIC)  University Department with a strong tradition of innovative pharmaceutical education, scientific research and service to the pharmacy profession. In the 2014 Research Excellence Framework ranked the joint top School of Pharmacy in the country. Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre (CUBRIC) is set to become one of Europe’s top facilities for brain imaging. The new facility brings together world-leading expertise in brain mapping with the very latest in brain imaging and brain stimulation. The centre plays a pivotal role in the global endeavour to better understand the causes of neurological and psychiatric conditions, so as to yield vital clues for the development of better treatments.
30.E     Day Scientific Visit     Visit   30/07/2019  Cranfield University  Cranfield University (a wholly postgraduate institution) has a global reputation for inspirational teaching and research, industrial-scale facilities and superior links with industry and commerce. From unique cabin evacuation research to finding life on Mars, from a frost blanket for racecourses to zero-emission cars, and from the next generation of anti-landmine devices to a new blood glucose monitor, Cranfield’s focus is squarely on the application of its research.
30.F     Day Scientific Visit     Visit   30/07/2019  University of Essex, Human Performance Unit  The Human Performance Unit based in the University of Essex’s state of the art Sports Science laboratories, provides physiological testing, nutritional support and body composition assessments to athletes looking to improve their performance. Further to their work with athletes from outside of the University, the HPU Sports Scientists also work closely with Performance Sport athletes from the University’s three Performance Sports of Rugby 7’s, Volleyball and Basketball. Athletes in these sports from all over the world are attracted to Essex University due to the high calibre coaching and sports science services offered to the teams.
30.G     Day Scientific Visit     Visit   30/07/2019  John Innes Centre, Norwich Research Park  An independent, international centre of excellence in plant science and microbiology working to generate knowledge of plants and microbes through innovative research to benefit agriculture, the environment, human health and well-being.
30.H     Day Scientific Visit     Visit   30/07/2019  University of Leicester Space Research Centre  As an research organisation mainly; developing novel sensors and optics for high energy astrophysics, planetary landers and orbiters and interdisciplinary research in the Life Sciences and Medicine, providing engineering capability in Space as well as planetary science including concepts for the next generation of instrumentation, tools and techniques and planetary materials and their analysis.
30.I     Day Scientific Visit     Visit   30/07/2019  Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM)  LSTM is a registered charity, founded in 1898, working across the world to reduce sickness and mortality in disease endemic countries, combating TB, HIV, AIDS, malaria and dengue. LSTM research has helped reduce the impact of diseases upon the world's poorest. LSTM continue developing new drugs, vaccines and pesticides. LSTM is also a teaching institution, attracting more than 600 students from 68 countries, offering PhD research and Masters Programmes.
30.J     Day Scientific Visit     Visit   30/07/2019  National Oceanography Centre & University of Southampton’s School of Ocean and Earth Science  NOCS is the national focus for oceanography in the UK with a remit to achieve scientific excellence in its own right as one of the world's top five oceanographic research institutions.
30.K     Day Scientific Visit     Visit   30/07/2019  University of Nottingham, The School of Chemistry - Carbon Neutral Laboratories  A £4 million HEFCE-STEM funded award is supporting new teaching laboratories at the University of Nottingham. The development within the School of Chemistry will see the creation of a new teaching laboratory that will be fully equipped with cutting-edge, facilities used for research and teaching.
30.M     Day Scientific Visit     Visit   30/07/2019  Rolls Royce  Visit to see Rolls-Royce, from its beginnings to present day product range. See the largest collection of aero engines in the country, ranging from World War 1 era piston engines, the famous Merlin, right up to modern day jet engines.
30.N     Day Scientific Visit     Visit   30/07/2019  Rothamsted Research Centre  The longest running agricultural research station in the world, providing cutting-edge science and innovation, in areas of crop productivity and quality and sustainable solutions for food and energy production.
30.O     Day Scientific Visit     Visit   30/07/2019  Syngenta's International Research Centre at Jealott's Hill   Syngenta is a leading agriculture company helping to improve global food security by enabling millions of farmers to make better use of available resources. Jealott’s Hill International Research Centre is the company’s largest R&D site with key activities including the discovery of new active ingredients, new formulation technologies, product safety, technical support of our product range and seeds research.
30.P     Day Scientific Visit     Visit   30/07/2019  UK National Quantum Technology Hub University of Birmingham  Led by the University of Birmingham, the Quantum Technology Hub in Sensors and Metrology brings together expertise in physics and engineering working to transform laboratory-based research into technology. They are developing smaller, cheaper, more accurate and energy efficient components and systems to build and sustain a supply chain which will have a potentially transformative impact across business and society as a whole.
30.Q     Day Scientific Visit     Visit   30/07/2019  University College London, Mullard Space Science Laboratory  Exploiting the capabilities of rockets and spacecraft as platforms for scientific instruments it strives to understand our physical environment and our place in the Universe.
30.R     Day Scientific Visit     Visit   30/07/2019  University of Sussex, School of Life Sciences  The School of Life Sciences is a diverse, collaborative community with expertise in areas as varied as cancer biology, drug discovery, neuroscience and biodiversity. Research lies at the heart of the School of Life Sciences, and underpins our teaching. We strive for our work to have positive, real-world impact across a variety of fields.
Specialist Study Day
31.1     Specialist Study Day     Lecture   31/07/2019  Professor Freya Blekman  Elementary Particle Physics - New Physics from experiments like the LHC at CERN.
31.2     Specialist Study Day     Lecture   31/07/2019  Professor Vincent F Hendricks  Modern Mathematics and Philosophical Logic - Epistemology
31.3     Specialist Study Day     Lecture   31/07/2019  Professor Ronjon Chakraverty  Allogeneic haematopoietic stem cell transplantation
31.4     Specialist Study Day     Lecture   31/07/2019  Professor Marc-Olivier Coppens  Nature-Inspired Chemical Engineering: A NICE Methodology for Innovation
31.5     Specialist Study Day     Lecture   31/07/2019  Professor Richard O'Kennedy  Applied Biochemistry 
31.6     Specialist Study Day     Lecture   31/07/2019  Dr Alice Pyne  BioPhysics - Nanoscale Biology
31.7     Specialist Study Day     Lecture   31/07/2019  Professor Mark McCaughrean  European Space Agency - Who Owns Space?
31.8     Specialist Study Day     Lecture   31/07/2019  Dr Charles Romain  New versatile catalysts for polymerisation reactions - a new way forward for plastics?
Oxford/Cambridge Scientific Visit
01.A     Oxford/Cambridge Scientific Visit     Visit   01/08/2019  BMW  - Mini Plant Oxford  Experience production and take a look behind the scenes with our experts. The products made by BMW Group inspire with unique design, dynamic and agility. It is exciting and fascinating to experience live production.
01.B     Oxford/Cambridge Scientific Visit     Visit   01/08/2019  British Antarctic Survey  The British Antarctic Survey (BAS) is an international leader in Antarctic science that is relevant to global problems. We deliver science that is excellent, exciting, and innovative. We also provide world-leading research infrastructure that enables scientists from the UK, and colleagues from many nations, to work safely and effectively in the polar regions. Understanding how the Earth works, and in particular how it is responding to ever-increasing human pressures, is one of science’s greatest challenges.
01.C     Oxford/Cambridge Scientific Visit     Visit   01/08/2019  University of Cambridge, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology  The MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology (LMB) is one of the world's leading research institutes. Discoveries and inventions developed at the LMB, for example DNA sequencing and methods to determine the structure of proteins, have revolutionised all areas of biology. Its scientists work to advance understanding of biological processes at the levels of atoms, molecules, cells and organisms. This information will help us to understand the workings of complex systems, such as the immune system and the brain, and solve key problems in human health.
01.D     Oxford/Cambridge Scientific Visit     Visit   01/08/2019  University of Cambridge. NIHR Cambridge Biomedical Research Centre and Cambridge Science Centre  A partnership between Cambridge University Hospitals Foundation Trust and the University of Cambridge. The partnership between the hospital and the University creates an environment where internationally outstanding biomedical and clinical scientists work alongside clinical practitioners to achieve translation of research for the benefit of patients. The Cambridge Cancer Centre is a dynamic collaboration of researchers, clinicians, and the pharmaceutical and biotech industries based in the Cambridge area. We combine world-class science and technology with excellent patient care to pioneer new ways to prevent, detect and treat cancer.
01.E     Oxford/Cambridge Scientific Visit     Visit   01/08/2019  University of Cambridge, Scott Polar Research Institute  The Scott Polar Research Institute (SPRI) was founded in 1920, as a memorial to Ct. Robert Falcon Scott, RN, and his four companions, who died returning from the South Pole in 1912 and is the oldest research institute of its kind. Now part of the Geography Department at the University of Cambridge, SPRI's mission is to enhance the understanding of the polar regions through scholarly research and publication, educating new generations of polar researchers, caring for and making accessible its collections and projecting the history and environmental significance of the polar regions to the wider community.
01.F     Oxford/Cambridge Scientific Visit     Visit   01/08/2019  Culham Centre for Fusion Energy  The Culham Centre for Fusion Energy (CCFE) is the UK’s national laboratory for fusion research, owned and operated by the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA). CCFE hosts the world’s largest magnetic fusion experiment, JET (Joint European Torus), on behalf of its European partners along with MAST (Mega Amp Spherical Tokamak), the UK’s magnetic fusion experiment.
01.G     Oxford/Cambridge Scientific Visit     Visit   01/08/2019  HR Wallingford  HR Wallingford has been involved in research and consultancy to solve water-related challenges worldwide for 70 years. The company has impressive physical modelling facilities which include seven wave basins, used to build and test scale models of ports, harbours and beaches. It also has numerous wave flumes, the largest of which, the Fast Flow Facility, can house a tsunami simulator, or be used to test the stability of renewable energy foundations. The company’s UK Ship Simulation Centre offers virtual reality ship simulation, used for pilot training, but also as part of port and harbour design where simulating vessel navigation plays a vital role in the design process.
01.H     Oxford/Cambridge Scientific Visit     Visit   01/08/2019  University of Oxford, Botanic Gardens & The Museum of Natural History  Houses the University’s zoological, entomological and geological specimens. Among its famous features are a dodo, the first dinosaur to be scientifically described, and the swifts in the tower.
01.I     Oxford/Cambridge Scientific Visit     Visit   01/08/2019  University of Oxford, History of Science Museum  The History of Science Museum houses an unrivalled collection of historic scientific instruments in the world’s oldest surviving purpose-built museum building. By virtue of the collection and the building, the Museum occupies a special position, both in the study of the history of science and in the development of Western culture and collecting.
01.J     Oxford/Cambridge Scientific Visit     Visit   01/08/2019  University of Oxford - Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences  The Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences (NDCN) provides a focus for world-leading translational neuroscience allowing the swift transfer of basic biomedical findings to the clinical setting and the delivery of evidence-based therapies for the benefit of society and the economy.
01.K     Oxford/Cambridge Scientific Visit     Visit   01/08/2019  University of Oxford, NIHR Oxford Biomedical Research Centre  NIHR drives progress on innovation and translational research in biomedicine into NHS practice and clinical research working to improve the understanding of the nervous system in health and disease.
01.L     Oxford/Cambridge Scientific Visit     Visit   01/08/2019  University of Oxford, Pitt Rivers Museum  The museum displays the archeological and angthropological collections of the University of Oxford. The museum was founded in 1884 by Lt-General Augustus Pitt Rivers.
01.M     Oxford/Cambridge Scientific Visit     Visit   01/08/2019  Wellcome Genome Campus  A leader in the Human Genome Project, this institute is focused on understanding the role of genetics in health and disease with research into connection between genetics and infectious disease.
01.N     Oxford/Cambridge Scientific Visit     Visit   01/08/2019  University of Oxford Department of Zoology  The Department is a large university zoology department, containing the Biodiversity Institute; Edward Grey Institute of Field Ornithology; Institute for Emerging Infections and the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit.
2nd August Alumni Specialist Lectures
02.1     2nd August Alumni Specialist Lectures     Lecture   02/08/2019  Dr Michael Amoo  Neurosurgery
02.2     2nd August Alumni Specialist Lectures     Lecture   02/08/2019  Dr Rubika Balendra  The Power of Genetics and Stem Cells
02.3     2nd August Alumni Specialist Lectures     Lecture   02/08/2019  Maurice Brown  Hydrogen Fuel Technology
02.4     2nd August Alumni Specialist Lectures     Lecture   02/08/2019  Jameer Emmamally  Engineering for the Future
02.5     2nd August Alumni Specialist Lectures     Lecture   02/08/2019  Professor Chris Kennard  From Frogs to Man: 55 years of perambulations in the visual neurosciences following the 5th LIYSF.
02.6     2nd August Alumni Specialist Lectures     Lecture   02/08/2019  Dr Becky Parker  What Research Can You do Now to Change the World?
02.7     2nd August Alumni Specialist Lectures     Lecture   02/08/2019  Judith O'Toole  Animals Don't Read the Textbooks
02.8     2nd August Alumni Specialist Lectures     Lecture   02/08/2019  Dr Matt Sinclair  Machine Learning in Medical Image Analysis – How AI is Augmenting Diagnosis
London Museums
02.A     London Museums     Visit   02/08/2019  Natural History Museum  NHM’s vision is to advance knowledge of the natural world, inspiring better care of our planet with the mission to maintain and develop collections, and use them to promote the discovery, understanding, responsible use and enjoyment of the natural world. The 8-storey, landmark Darwin Centre and cocoon structure is the most significant development at the Natural History Museumsince it moved to South Kensington in 1881.  This dramatic new public space and state-of-the-art scientific and collections facility opens its doors to reveal a whole new Museum experience for visitors. 
02.B     London Museums     Visit   02/08/2019  Science Museum  The Science Museum has over 300,000 objects in its care, with particular strengths in the history of western science, technology and medicine since 1700. It has been uniquely placed to acquire objects recording the Industrial Revolution, and now holds unrivalled collections in this area. Medical artefacts from all periods and cultures also form an important part of its holdings.
5th August Specialist Lectures
05.1     5th August Specialist Lectures     Lecture   05/08/2019  Professor Graziella Branduardi-Raymont  Space Astronomy and the Exotic Universe
05.2     5th August Specialist Lectures     Lecture   05/08/2019  Dr James Brown  Type 2 Diabetes in Young People: An Emerging Crisis?
05.3     5th August Specialist Lectures     Lecture   05/08/2019  Samm Kabagambe  Global endeavour in all aspects of HIV care from prevention, treatment through to searching for a cure.
05.4     5th August Specialist Lectures     Lecture   05/08/2019  Dr Simon Kyle  Waking Up to the Importance of Sleep
05.5     5th August Specialist Lectures     Lecture   05/08/2019  Dr Kate Lancaster  Laser Fusion Physics
05.6     5th August Specialist Lectures     Lecture   05/08/2019  Professor Iván Palomares Carrascosa  Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
05.7     5th August Specialist Lectures     Lecture   05/08/2019  Professor Marcus Rattray  Drugs on the Brain, the Brain on Drugs
05.8     5th August Specialist Lectures     Lecture   05/08/2019  Professor Dominic Vella  Understanding elastic deformations: New wrinkles on Gauss’ Pizza Theorem
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