Science Project

LIYSF Science Bazaar - Poster Project Evening

Take part in an exciting opportunity to present your work in a non-competitive environment with fellow students from all over the world and our science experts. Presenting your work in our poster board evening is just one small part of your two weeks at LIYSF, but it is a really great opportunity to really represent your school/university, region and country with your own scientific research. 

Communicating science is a vital part of being a scientist and in the modern world this is becoming increasingly more important. You are going to have to be able to talk about your work in the future to colleagues and researchers as well as the general public more widely, therefore this is a great step in your learning and development in science communication – the very reason we hold the Bazaar.

Benefits of presenting:

  • The poster-board evening is not a competition! This is an evening where you have the opportunity to share your research project or investigations with your fellow students. This is   unique as most other fairs/expos are based on you competing against each other. At LIYSF the focus is on you sharing your research and talking about it and perhaps getting new ideas.
  • Improve your presentation, analytical and thinking skills in a friendly and supportive environment. These skills are going to be vital to you in the future, so the more practice like this you can get, the better.
  • Get the chance to talk to experts about your work. This evening will have science experts coming round to judge your work and give you feedback. Experts include Professors and experienced scientists and researchers – another rare chance for such feedback.
  • Presenting your poster like this at the LIYSF Bazaar is very similar to how PhD students present their work and is an excellent way to gain great experience – very useful for the future and for your CV.
  • Get to practice science communication and develop your skills at presenting your work, perhaps even gain practice in presenting in English (if English is not your native language).
  • Get LIYSF recognition for presenting your project ( certificate signed by your judge)



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