Safety Statement - following recent incidents in London


Our sincere thoughts are with the victims and their families, friends and loved ones. 

The safety of our students is our number one priority, and this, we will not compromise upon. 

We are closely monitoring the current events in the UK capital. London is one of the most security conscious cities in the world with a heightened law enforcement presence on the streets.

The LIYSF office relies on up-to-date information gathering from a number of organisations including the Security Service (MI5),  the Office for Security and Counter Terrorism, the Metropolitan Police and the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC), as well as from international safety and security specialists. We are monitoring current events, taking the advice of British authorities and law enforcement agencies.

Should events, alerts or activities in areas that our students are scheduled to visit in any way hinder our ability to provide a safe and rewarding programme, we will not hesitate to amend the itinerary, redirect the programme to other regions or to provide other alternatives. London still remains an exciting, dynamic and welcoming city and we all at LIYSF look forward to seeing you in London with open arms.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


LIYSF recognises that the care, protection and welfare of all our participants is paramount and that they have the right to be protected from all types of harm. Below is our student protection policy that applies to all participants, regardless of whether they are under or over 18 years old. 

LIYSF is committed to student safety with many policies in place, including;

  • Emergency procedures, which all LIYSF staff are trained in.
  • During LIYSF there is at least one first aider present.
  • A 24/7 Emergency telephone number is available throughout with trained staff on-site.
  • All students are issued with a lanyard which must be worn at all times, this has key emergency information on.
  • Students are allocated a staff buddy who will be their initial contact person and will check in with them daily.
  • At all LIYSF programmed events there is always an LIYSF staff member present.
  • If a student wishes to deviate from the main programme, they must advise their buddy and leave with at least one other student.
  • Each student must agree to our code of conduct/behaviour, which aims to prevent bullying and harassment.
  • LIYSF has checked all venues that we use/visit to ensure all have appropriate insurance cover.
  • LIYSF has conducted/requested risk assessments where appropriate
  • We do ask students to take out their own travel/medical insurance before attending (where appropriate).
  • LIYSF can help students that must take prescribed medication and provide support and fridges where possible. Parents should in this case contact us with information in English and a letter from their doctor.
  • Students are accommodated in single sex, shared bedrooms that are locked and used by LIYSF students only.
  • An LIYSF staff member resides in each accommodation used during LIYSF (typically 5-8 staff per residence).
  • Each residence used has a manned 24hr reception.
  • LIYSF provides meals throughout (choice at each meal) and caters, where possible, to dietary needs - if a student has a concern, please advise LIYSF staff immediately to help.
  • If a student has a learning or special need, please advise us and we will endeavour to do all that we can to help.
  • Students are encouraged to store valuables in the reception safe.
  • LIYSF has made available a 24hr multi-faith prayer room that all students may use.


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