Rabbey’s Story

First things first, to be honest, even now when I’m writing this I miss my days back at LIYSF!

The London International Youth Science Forum, a forum where the world unites, a forum where lost find their way, a forum where we came smiling the first day wearing the look of a stranger and left crying the last day experiencing the bliss of a true friendship, a forum where the minds unite for a greater era of tomorrow, a forum that creates a path for a brighter future, a forum that makes you realise that the possibility that all humanity could live in peace and harmony, understanding each other, accepting each other and making each other smile… LIYSF shows you the beauty of diversity and magnifies the greatness in the diversity, LIYSF shows you the world all at one single place, giving you a world tour of people in just 15 days.

This is my Story; I had no idea such Forums really exist to be honest, at our Country we had given a test for a scholarship and the organisation chose 25 students to have their participation at LIYSF, was it my luck or the nature had to show me the possibilities around the world I don’t know but luckily, I was one of those 25 students. Not really excited about LIYSF because I was concerned with the studies of last year of high school, I joined it with my delegation anyways, unaware of the fact that I was going to be witnessing one of the greatest events of my life. The fact is, I was not even sure what LIYSF was! Was it a big scary monster that would just waste your time or was it a beautiful angel dripping light from her wings that would light your way, there was no way I could turn back because I had to see it for myself. So I just decided to turn on the internet and visit LIYSF website, thanks to Richard’s emails. Let me cut it short, I got some excitement burning up in me later.

The time had come for us to fly to an exciting city, London.

We were now at London.

So much crowed, my jaws literally dropped to the floor, All hail to the London’s floor’s strength or else I would’ve created the world’s 8th wonder. And all hail to  LIYSF for managing 67 countries at a time, that is something they really deserve to be appreciated at despite of all the amazing work they do every year.

Shortly, I found out that LIYSF was not the monster but the angel, not lighting up your way but giving you the power, the strength, the motivation, the desire, the inspiration, the goal, the will to light up your own way, which is something today’s world needs the most because unless the hearts are not filled with the light the soul remains dark. LIYSF started a fire inside me, the fire that would compel me to move forward, to walk if unable to run, to crawl if unable to walk, and to move my fingers or eyes if unable to crawl, LIYSf taught me to never in a million years stop, to never stop chasing your dreams because nothing is impossible and hard work bears the sweetest fruit. Maybe others have gotten more better lessons than me, others have felt more motivated than me or felt better than me but what I’ve learned is Priceless, I’m sure of it.

What I liked most about LIYSF is the students from 67 counties and the social events. Besides all the scientific knowledge I gained, I gained something else too, I got to make friends from all over the world, I got to know about their culture and traditions, their calendar and events. I can still hear our talks on busses when we travelled to scientific establishments, or our cheers at the Olympic, or our laughs at night outs. I can still see myself standing In the queens lawn in and groups waiting for our specialist lecture group to be completed, I can still see myself standing the long queue for lunch, I can still see myself dancing, jumping, cheering with my new friends, I can still see and hear all the fun we had and the-most-amazing time ever on earth we spent. I had never felt alive before. How could I possibly forget my days at London, our first ride in a double decker bus, us wandering the streets of London and exploring the excited city, our shopping, our walks in the cool mornings toward Imperial college, our preparations mixed with fun for the traditional shows and our playful cheers and praises during the LIYSF Olympics. LIYSF was nothing less than a blessing to me and whenever I press the rewind button on my mind and stop it on liysf, tears swell up in my eyes.

Thanks to LIYSF, I now have a clearer vision of my tomorrow and the world’s tomorrow, which probably I believe will be bright after experiencing students from all around the world gather up and share a quality time together, understanding each other and spreading happiness.

My sacrifice of high school studies showed its colours, the colours of 67 countries!

If you, dear reader, plan to go to LIYSF, remember this from an alumni; scientific knowledge in one place but the world is not just based on scientific knowledge. It is Love and understanding of other humans that make us the true righteous of being called humans, so try to make as many friends around you as possible, spread laughs because learning without laughs are as good as waste, show love to the students around you, spread happiness and enjoy the true bliss of understanding, forget allies and enemies, we are all humans and we are to live with each other in harmony, you dear reader, you are to bring that harmony for the journey of thousand miles begin with a single step.

I hope you have a great time ahead


Ex-liysf students, someone who didn’t know he was making memories, all he knew, was he was having fun.

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