Megan’s Story

LIYSF 2017 can be summed up as two of the most enjoyable weeks of my life. Spending time making friends with incredible people and being able to learn so much along the way was brilliant. Personally, I was able to attend the London International Youth Science Forum, thanks to my headteacher, along with my friend and classmate, allowing us to see the future of science from some of the world’s leading lecturers. 

Despite living in England all my life, I had never before visited London – which some people found hard to believe – but this opportunity was just too good to miss. Visiting the capital was made much more exciting as I experienced it with many new friends from all around the globe. The scientific visits provided an insight into the real scientific world of business and allowed me to learn what jobs may be available to young people in the future. Particularly, visiting the Biomedical Research Centre at Cambridge University was really inspiring, as we were able to explore and understand parts of the research hospital that haven’t officially been opened yet, whilst also learning about some of the discoveries that have already changed people’s lives. 

Furthermore, being able to explore the vast array of cultures on the two performance evenings was spectacular, and the staff made everything even more enjoyable. Each act displayed talents and traditions from around the world. These two evenings highlighted to me the international feel of this experience, and showed that working together can produce incredible things, reinforcing this years theme ‘Science making life better’, also demonstrated at the Science Bazaar project evening. Although I didn’t present a project myself, I was in ore of all the presentations that I discovered that evening, and it was a great place to meet new people, and learn what people my own age were already researching. 

Overall, I would recommend this experience to anyone who gets the chance, as it was a diverse and exciting programme that taught me both about science and the cultures around the world today… definitely an opportunity not to be missed! 

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