Krystal’s Story

The London International Youth Science Forum has become unexpectedly, some of the most unforgettable weeks of my life. Before I attended they science forum, I had been told several stories by persons from Jamaica who had participated in the previous years. I listened and always wondered why they were all so amazed by their experience. I was convinced that it would be worth it and decided that I wanted the chance to attend the forum. However, I now know that I what I had imagined, did not come close to reality.

When I arrived at the science forum with the other participants from Jamaica, we were among the first to arrive but there was already a very welcoming and friendly environment. The counselors were all very pleasant and seemed eager to have fun. Throughout the rest of the forum I developed friendships with these counselors as they spent time with us, made us laugh, encouraged us to make the most of the experience and were always willing to help or offer support.

I was greatly impressed with the lecturers we had. I was introduced to so many intriguing, innovative and important areas of science that I had never known about before. The lecturers were engaging and I liked that we were given the chance to ask questions after every lecture. I also enjoyed the group activities which allowed young persons from different countries of the world to freely share our ideas and views on topics such as climate change and the creation of renewable and sustainable sources of energy. It was also very inspiring that so many of the lecturers, who were experts in their fields, were past participants of this science forum. It was great to see fellow participants and new friends that I had made present at the science bazaar and student topics. These events reassured my belief that I could work through science to make a difference in the future.

The social activities such as the parties were awesome and we were able to relax and just have a good time. The international cabaret and songs from home exposed me to cultural songs, dances, dresses and other items which I most likely never would have seen in my life had I not attended the forum. I also got to share aspects of Jamaican culture with persons from around the world. I also enjoyed our visits. It was my first time in London and the visits took us to several places and sights around England. My favourite visit was the day spent at the Oxford University. My group was given a tour of the Department of Chemistry and we conducted a lab experiment which I found to be very fun and exciting.

I must say the best part of my two weeks was the opportunity to meet and interact with so many persons. I just loved the large diversity of people and it was amazing that we were able to spend time forming friendships and bonds that will survive for years to come. We played games together, shared experiences from home and had a blast exploring London and getting to understand each other better. Before the forum, I never thought I would be able to say that I have a friend in so many countries such as Ireland, Spain, England, Cyprus and Australia. However, I am able to say that now. It saddens me that the forum is now over and I cannot see these persons often as we have all returned home. I know I will forever cherish these new memories. I would like to thank the London International Youth Science Forum 2010 for giving me one of the most remarkable experiences of my life. Participant at LIYSF 2010.

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