Bernad’s Story
Q. What year and which Country did you represent at LIYSF?

A. I participated in 1992 on the Irish Team and have very fond memories of my time in London. 

Q. What was your favourite memory of LIYSF?

A. There are so many memories crammed into an action packed fortnight. I was blown away with a lecture that went from chaos theory to shooting a 19th century Musket in a beautiful timber-clad lecture theatre.  I particularly remember a robust and challenging group discussion on the pros and cons of positive discrimination, a topic that is as relevant in 2018 as it was in 1992! And our day trip to Oxford was inspirational.


Q. How would you sum up your personal LIYSF experience?

A. It was such a fantastic personal experience, to be immersed in an international group of peers for the first time was amazing. As an Irish team, it was great to have a core group and we connected immediately. But the residencies were great and lunch in the Embankment Garden gave us a chance to meet and mingle with people from all over the world. Maybe it was just the year but we had quite a few birthdays to celebrate in the two weeks, the first few were small but fun, and as news of the parties spread we had more and more people joining in until one night over 70 people turned up at the residence! Too many to stay indoors, so a quick team meeting and off we went to Trafalgar Square with everyone in tow. I will never forget getting a choir of so many nations to sing Bohemian Rhapsody watched on by an amused and curious British public!


Q. What are you doing now? How has your career progressed since LIYSF?

A. I am a firm believer in life as a journey, and that education is a huge enabler on that journey. While studying at the University of Limerick, I got to go to WPI in Massachusetts for a year, represented Ireland at LIYSF, set up two societies and qualified with a degree in  Mechanical Engineering to set me off on my career.

I have since gone on to work in Ireland, India, the UK, the Philippines and Germany. Several years ago I went back and did my MBA which enabled me to move from engineering to management roles. I have worked with global giants such as Siemens, J&J, CBRE, and am currently the Technical Director for Mitie in Ireland.

Q. What advice would you give to participants who are coming to LIYSF?

A. Connect and communicate. You will learn so much by listening, challenging, discussing, both in the formal sessions and outside of them. And have fun, you are creating memories for a lifetime!

Bernard MacOscair 
LIYSF 1992

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