Anna’s Story

LIYSF has now come to an end but it could not have ended in a nicer way! LIYSF was the most inspiring two weeks of my life and has had a huge impact in the way I see the world of science.

By the time I arrived in London and at Richmond halls in South Kensington, the welcoming was warm by all the staff members as well as from each and every participant coming from all around the world. Every single day was a new chance for me to explore new aspects of science and come closer to new cultures and countries of the world. Every participant shared the things they love in their home country and we shared our experiences as young scientists.

The lectures, the debates, the cultural night and the visits to national scientific establishments were extraordinary and allowed us to become better as young scientists who will take over the future of the world. Science is the future and the future is us! We had the opportunity to meet professors who inspired us and encouraged us for the future.

The thing I will cherish and always remember are the people I met during these two weeks. So many talented and inspiring young scientists all gathered together and we all shared a common passion; SCIENCE. Without any doubt, the friendships will last forever and the memories with every single person will never fade.

I would like to truly thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of this forum and represent Cyprus! I especially want to thank Mr Myhill for his amazing bing-bong announcements, the staff members for being so friendly and supportive  as well as the Imperial College London for accommodating us for the two weeks.

I truly want to apply for the 61st LIYSF as a staff member and be part of many more forums of the future!

Anna Maria Agathokleous

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