Aleksandra’s Story

Coming to the UK as an international student may seem a bit overwhelming at first but it turns out to be the most amazing adventure! Everyone at LIYSF and London itself was really friendly and helped me whenever I needed any assistance.

Meeting peers from all around the globe was a wonderful experience. When I was about to meet new people I was afraid my English was not good enough or I would not be able to find anything to talk about. But it was not true. I met so many fascinating people I keep in touch with till now! So my best tip is to simply be open-minded and talk to people. Everyone feels the same. And there are so many people you will definitely find someone to chat with between the lectures.

My favourite optional visit was Stonehenge. I’ve read about prehistoric monuments and buildings before but seeing it was completely different! An unforgettable experience.

My favourite moment of LIYSF was the Specialist Study Day during which I not only had a lot of fun while preparing group presentation, but also found out what I’m most interested in. It made me change my future plans and decide to pursue a scientific career in biochemistry. Attending LIYSF helped me with my university application as I got offers from all universities I have applied to, including Oxford, UCL, Imperial, and Edinburgh. In addition, I have improved my English skills which has benefited during Oxford interviews and some international debates I have participated in.

Summing up the Forum in one sentence – LIYSF i san amazing experience of enjoying science together with peers from all around the world who are passionate about the same things.

Last piece of advice I can give – bring an umbrella! It rains quite often.

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