• Steve McKechnie
Steve McKechnie

Steve McKechnie is an award-winning structural engineer and Director at Arup, with much experience in the design of buildings.

He leads a multidisciplinary design team at the engineering design firm Arup in London. He looks to the full process of the design and the day-to-day process of developing holistic building design solutions. His work is done in collaboration with clients and architects.

Steve is co-author of the Concrete Centre guide to the design of tall buildings. He has lectured internationally on approaches to high-risk structures; viscous damping; tall building design methods; BIM and scripted optimisation; core prestressing; design for manufacture and the design and construction of T5, Heathrow.

Within Arup, Steve is a ‘Discipline Leader’ within the Building Engineering London team. He has a key role in graduate recruitment and in the training and development of structural engineers in the UK.

Steve has direct design experience in tall buildings, long spans, tension structures, steel, concrete, timber and masonry, including prestressed masonry, structural analysis, optimisation, 3D design, wind loading, dynamics, seismic engineering and buildability.

Steve’s collaborative approach to leadership and problem solving is combined with a deep technical expertise. He brings value to projects by finding, and delivering, appropriate engineering solutions.


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