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Professor Valerie Gibson

Professor Valerie Gibson is the Head of the High Energy Physics Research Group at the University of Cambridge. She is also Fellow and Director of Studies at Trinity College, University of Cambridge.

Professor Gibson obtained a Special Honours BSc in Physics at the University of Sheffield as well as DPhil in Experimental Particle Physics, from The Queen’s College, Oxford.  She has served as a Fellow in the Experimental Physics Division at CERN.

Her research is focused on the search for new phenomena using particles containing heavy (bottom and charm) quarks.  A great number of such quarks are produced at the Large Hadron Collider and are detected by the LHCb experiment.  She has served as the UK Spokesperson and PI for LHCb, representing 8 major institutes, and had to be responsible for the delivery of the UK’s contributions to the experiment. She is currently the Chair of the LHCb Collaboration Board. She is also a core member of the Atom Interferometer Observatory and Network (AION) project. AION facilitates searches for ultra-light dark matter and new fundamental interactions, and provide a pathway to detecting gravitational waves from astrophysical sources in the mid-frequency band.

Professor Gibson is passionate about science communication and champion for women in science. She led the efforts that awarded the first gold Athena SWAN award to the Cavendish Laboratory at the University of Cambridge. She won the WISE Campaign Leader Award and a Royal Society Athena Prize. She is a patron of the Gravity Fields Festival and is currently the University of Cambridge’s Gender Equality Champion.


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