World Water Day 2018

19 March 2018 By Rhia

Let’s start with the facts:

    • An estimated 880 million people still don’t have regular access to clean water. On average, women in developing countries walk 6 Kilometers a day to collect water.
    • About 5,000 children die each day due to preventable diseases such as cholera, which are caused due the intake of contaminated water.
    • A lack of water for personal hygiene leads to the spread of totally preventable ailments like trachoma, which has blinded some six million

Just scanning through the above, you get the impression of a primitive society of negligible technological advancements and minimal research facilities. But the cocoon of our blissful existence is shattered once the year 2018 is established as the timeframe of the aforementioned excruciating facts. It is deemed unacceptable that a society of such prestige where cutting edge research is being conducted with respect to all aspects of science that such a chasm exists between the developed and the developing world with regards to the consumption and usage of the most fundamental necessity. Water.

Attention to this important issue is ubiquitous and this is what World Water Day is aiming this year. With this being the best time to act, this year we turn for help back to nature. It has taken humanity a long time to realise that the only way we can combat the severe water challenges of the 21st century.

Only by working with nature and not against it can we battle droughts and floods and water pollution that cause all the fatalities that could be avoided if only we listen carefully to Mother Nature. So this year, spare some of your time and attend an event in your area to find out how you can become an ambassador of this great cause and help make this world a better place for future generations with plentiful clean water.

The United Nations World Water Development Report: 2018.

Written by LIYSF Participant: Irene Andreou

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