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Visit to Airbus Factory in Bristol: A Participant’s Perspective

04 July 2013 By LIYSF

Abi Gilbertson, UK, Participant 2012

Source: Airbus

Whilst at the LIYSF you will visit industrial laboratories and sites, places that you would never normally be able to visit! Last year, when I was a participant, I visited the Airbus factory in Bristol, where we saw the design and testing of parts of the planes, and learnt about the whole company and everything that is involved. At the end of last year I applied for the Airbus Undergraduate Apprenticeship at the Bristol site. It involved a long application process; a team exercise, a physics and maths test, and a panel interview. I was accepted a few weeks ago and the interviewers that I had were very impressed that I had been to the Airbus factory and had the opportunity to work alongside people from all over the world, as Airbus is an international company. The minute you arrive at LIYSF you will meet people from many different countries and spend the following two weeks working alongside them and learning how science and engineering differs around the world, an opportunity and a skill that is admired in industries and work environments. I would have to say, with! some certainty, that the experiences I had at LIYSF put me in a strong position in university interviews and the Airbus apprenticeship, and what I learnt and the skills I developed will be with me for life!
Watch Abi’s presentation about LIYSF at TEDxYouth, Manchester.

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