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24 July 2014 By LIYSF

Forensic science is evidence collected at a crime scene analysed and interpreted and then presented to a jury in order to convince them. The Department of Security and Crime Science at UCL does not aim to teach how a crime can be solved but it is devoted to reducing crime by targeting not only the offender but also the target/victim or place. The four pillars of crime science are:

1. Crime focused-The crime event requires an offender, a victim/target and an environment in which to occur (Crime triangle).
2. Science focused-Get police and crime analysts to think like scientists.
3.Multidisciplinary-Crime is an issue for many disciplines like engineering design, materials science, psychology and even geography and ecology.
4. Outcome focused-Concerned exclusively on reducing crime (fewer crimes, fewer victims).


Technology is also used in security & crime. Simple everyday examples include X-ray scanners and radar systems.

After the lecture we were given a scenario and we tried to find solutions for preventing bicycle theft in London, using the knowledge we gathered from the lecture. . The winning team won Amazon vouchers; however everyone got treated with cakes, cupcakes and juice!

Christina Protopapa – Participant


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