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National Visits: Mechanical Engineering at Oxford

29 August 2017 By Richard Myhill

The national visits were an opportunity for our LIYSF participants to visit various scientific areas of excellence around the Nation. LIYSF held visits to the University of Oxford, Oxford Brookes University and the University of Cambridge.

The participants signed up to one lecture that they wanted to participate in during their visit from an array of options. The lectures provided our participants with content-rich information and a fun-filled day of learning, with a variety of fields of science and scientific expertise to choose from.

A few examples from the days included:

  • The MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology (LMB) – University of Cambridge
  • The Scott Polar Research Institute (SPRI) – University of Cambridge
  •  Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences – University of Oxford
  • HR Wallingford

Our students in Oxford visited the Mechanical Engineering Department and had the opportunity to build hydraulic arms which were capable of 3 dimensional movement (including a grabbing motion). This was all powered by syringes filled with fluid and not to mention, made out of cardboard.

Participants were able to walk around the workshop and examine some of the projects in process. This included looking under the hood of Formula 1 racing cars at world class engines and other technology such as state-of-the-art suspension systems.

Some of the participants were asked what they enjoyed about their day the most, and this is what they had to say:

“[The mechanical arm] was an interesting way to study and learn about material. The formula one race cars were also awesome – it’s crazy to see those cars in real life when you only usually see them on TV.” Marco Peletta. Italy

“It was awesome to be able to look inside of the racecars at the engine and suspension and see how they worked.” Luigi Albano. Italy

The National Visits Day was a fantastic opportunity for LIYSF participants to work together to produce creative products using their innovation and knowledge of how science can work in wonderfully interesting ways. Oxford and Cambridge allowed our students to broaden their concepts of science and engineering and learn through a variety of ways how science is taught around the UK in different Universities and listen to great scientists!

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