Caden: Winner of the LIYSF Award at The Big Bang UK Young Scientists & Engineering Competition

07 April 2018 By Rhia

My passion for science and the desire to find answers began at a young age, examining the array of colours on flower petals and pondering over how or why it is that colour. It has since then developed into a lifelong goal to discover new and wondrous principles that will hopefully lead to making lives better.

I arrived in the U.K at the age of 10. One of the main challenges that arose was my understanding and fitting into a brand-new society and language. My literal and language skills were poor at the time and I found it difficult to communicate with people at my school; since then I have developed those skills by talking to people, reading and other forms of media such as television. Despite my family’s distant interest in science (my father being a waiter at the time and mother being a care home worker) I continued to read and delve deeper into Biology, Chemistry and Maths, I was able to broaden my understanding of the topics and go onto study them at A-level.

My project was part of the Nuffield research project, which I took part in during my summer in 2017. I was working with a Biochemical PhD student on studying the effects of Interleukin-6 and any changes to its concentrations in fire-fighters after heat exposure. This project allowed me to have deeper insight into the work that I will one day be doing and the techniques used to do so, it also assured me that the path I chose to pursue was the right one.

To have won the LIYSF award was a big surprise and an honour. I was very humbled to have been chosen from the many amazing projects and competitors at the Big Bang Fair. I am very excited to take part in LIYSF, mostly to be able to attend lectures in areas of science that I care very much about and to hear about the new, innovative research being done. I hope that the experience will allow me to be more knowledgeable and give me a head start when I go to university later this year to start my undergraduate course in Biomedical science.

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