8 Ways to Reduce Your Water Usage
10 Mar, 2017 by Richard Myhill

8 Ways to Reduce Your Water Usage

Here at LIYSF we are keen to help you find ways to reduce your water usage. We are working hard at LIYSF to ensure our water use is as economical and smart as possible. Please see our top tips below, action them and spread the word with friends, family and your community. Together we can make a difference.

  1. Water Escapes
    • Did you know that 6 litres of water a minute can be wasted if you leave your tap running? 60 litres of water a week can be saved just by stopping a dripping tap! So when brushing your teeth or shaving, turn your tap off.
  1. Boil only what you need
    • When boiling the kettle to make a hot drink, make sure you only boil the water needed for the number of cups you are making. Water should only be boiled once and then used and not re-boiled for later cups, so this is a winner all around. 

Kettle Teaser

  1. The Dishwasher was a smart invention
    • If you have a dishwasher, it contributes to a small part of your carbon footprint, but using a dishwasher (when full) is more water-efficient than hand washing! Check your dishwasher for the correct setting each time you wash.
    • But don’t worry if you haven’t got one, if you hand wash you can still save water – be sure to use a washing up bowl and then rinse your dishes after.
  2. Pile up your dirty clothes
    • How often are you told not to leave your dirty laundry lying around? Well, we say leave laundry! Try to save up your dirty washing so you can wash them all in one go to save water.
    • This will also save money on your bills and is better than doing half loads of washing. Try to wash at low temperatures where possible to be even better. Bucket
  3. Do you like a nice cool drink?
    • Instead of leaving the tap running by trying to get cold water out of the tap, simply leave some water in a jug in the fridge for a nice fresh cool drink.
  4. Shorter Showers Save Water. Decrease the number of baths you have
    • Shorter showers can significantly reduce water usage by around 450 litres per month and money on your bills. Be sure to be smart when having a shower!
    • Did you know baths can use up to 80 litres of water?
  1. Save yourself some washing up
    • Try to use the same glass or mug all day. It not only saves you the headache of washing up but also saves some water!
  2. Use a bucket and sponge
    • If you need to wash your car or bicycle make sure you use a bucket and sponge. Using a hose can waste up to 27 litres a minute. A bucket and sponge are much more ethical.
    • Car washes can also be great as some of them recycle the water instead of letting it run away! So there are lots of alternatives to choose from.


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