LIYSF 2017 - 26th July to 9th August

LIYSF is set for our 59th edition and another incredible year. We have an exciting programme to offer our participants.

Please see the pages in this section about what makes up the LIYSF programme. You can see the 2017 agenda here.

Applications for LIYSF 2017 are now open. To apply click here

Science - Making Life Better

LIYSF is delighted to announce that the underlying theme at LIYSF 2017 will be; “Science - Making Life Better”. As always, LIYSF will cover all areas of science (STEM), but this underlying theme will be considered on our opening day, in the student debate and over the specialist study day.

The pursuit of the scientific endeavour has many great benefits to humankind.  Many advances in Medicine, with combined efforts of Biology, Chemistry and Physics have led to a great improvement to the quality of our lives and will continue to do so. Science also makes a great contribution towards making the world a safer place, for example by engineering better bridges and developing cleaner fuel technologies. Science can help tackle some of the issues we face today, such as; energy, food and water security, climate change, biodiversity and potential pandemics.

How scientific discoveries are communicated is a key factor in the modern world. Communication is a vital skill for every scientist.  Given our long tradition of excellence in science communication and public engagement, LIYSF will help give students the skills required to articulate their ideas in an effective manner and progress in the international scientific community.

LIYSF will also highlight the highly respected science and research landscape of the UK, with our tradition of cutting edge research in leading universities and research institutes. From the discovery of Richard III in Leicester, to Tim Peake’s space mission, the creation of hydrogen fuel from water, work on the Rosetta mission and the Bloodhound SSC Project, UK scientists are constantly pushing science understanding and knowledge further. [1]




[1] Thanks to support and information provided by the British Council. For more information visit

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