LIYSF launched a 2017 Instagram photo contest around our theme this year: Science - Making Life Better.


We encouraged our participants to take a photo of themselves with our "Making Life Better" logo in an exciting place or with a culturally innovative dress code on. 


Our winner was 17 year old Gemma Robertson. She lives in Scotland and is in her final year at school with an ambition to study astrophysics at university in 2018. After attending LIYSF in 2016, Gemma entered the photo contest with the following caption to her post:

"This photo was taken at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. I find CERN such an inspiring place that has affected and made so many lives better. With leading research in the field of particle physics, it has an incredible amount of useful applications. It has united people from all over the globe and improved intercultural relations. These people in unity have proved fundamental particles exist and have real world applications. These include in medical physics in curing cancers and in medical imaging. CERN has personally made my life better as a source of a career and my visit has made me realise how the work they do improves the lives of others" 

Well done and Congratulations to Gemma Robertson, our winner of the 2017 Making Life Better Instagram photo contest!

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