Calling All LIYSF Alumni!


To celebrate the 60th London International Youth Science Forum and with the kind donation from LIYSF Science Patron and former LIYSF President, Professor Richard O'Kennedy, LIYSF is launching the:

LIYSF Outstanding Achievement Medal and Award

We have launched this campaign to reach out to as many LIYSF alumni as possible and will award the winner with an invitation to address students at LIYSF as well as a £1,000 award.

Award Nominations

Nominations, including self-nominations, are invited now for this award. Please e-mail your application to with information covering the following award criteria:

  • Tell us what year you attended LIYSF, which country you represented and how you were selected to attend
  • Please provide a CV and information relating to your current professional role and research (if applicable)
  • Explain what the impact of attending LIYSF had on you
  • Please detail highlights of your time at LIYSF
  • Please explain how LIYSF helped you and what you would tell students who are considering applying today
  • Please detail what you would address students at LIYSF about, if you were selected for this award

Applications are now open and close on 30th March 2018. Nominations will be given careful consideration and applicants will be contacted to discuss their applicaiton further. The award will be given out as deemed appropriate and subject to the criteria and objectives for the Medal. The chosen winner will be invited to speak at LIYSF in either 2018 or 2019 and the £1,000 award is intended to help cover travel to London, plus all expenses paid in London. All applicants must have completed their undergraduate degree and have 5 years+ professional/academic experience.


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